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On busy Bristol Street off of Route 10, David Byrne offers a variety of books in his recently spruced up Library. He’s been a steward since 2017 and says his wife comes from a family of librarians. “Our LFL was just a way to bolster the concept of libraries in town,” he said. His children and family love books and have no problem stocking the Library for the nearly daily visitors.
My black and white polka- dotted Library is on Prospect St. in Plantsville. As a retired chil- dren’s librarian, having a library in my front yard was a perfect fit. The neighborhood children frequent it daily in the summer.
Ideas inspired by these books seem to cultivate in their fertile minds. The children creat- ed projects and gifts from craft books they found. In another donated book, one chapter on summer activities prompted a young girl to coordinate a neighborhood potluck dinner. This gathering was a neighbor- hood first, and now neighbors who didn’t know each other have bonded all because of a book.
The Southington stewards can agree that having a Little Library helps build community, inspires reading and readers, while expanding book access for all. These noble goals fulfill the mission of the LFL organiza- tion.
To learn more about the Lit- tle Free Library organization, to buy a kit or accessories, to sup- port some Library near you or open your very own Little Free Library go to: littlefreelibrary. org.
Perhaps it’s time for you to start a new chapter in your neighborhood and join the movement.
Southington Magazine — Autumn 2021

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