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  Hall/Southington hockey coach brian Cannon, pictured in December 2016, expects to lose his left leg to can-
in the pelvis.
“So I come out of anesthesia
and I see a concerned surgeon talk- ing to my wife and my sister,” Can- non said. “I’m looking at this X-ray that doesn’t have any shiny new hardware in it. I could see my fe- mur was gone and my pelvis was packed with some kind of stuff that turns out to be an antibiotic.”
The diagnosis came several days later, on Aug. 1.
On Aug. 6, Cannon’s sister-in- law, Gail Cannon, started a Go- FundMe page with a goal of raising $50,000 to defray costs of medi- cal bills and making Brian’s home wheelchair accessible.
That goal was met in less than a week. As of Monday afternoon, $68,339 was raised from 542 do- nors. It’s a powerful movement, the
type that alleviates the misery that the situation is built on.
Since the surgery that was cut short, Cannon has been nearly bed- ridden. Without a hip joint intact, Cannon can’t bear his full weight on his right leg. He can’t get out of bed without being helped to the edge, though he can get around the house with a walker or on crutches.
It’s a boring, depressing exis- tence, especially for such an ac- tive and involved guy, as he said, “just a crummy situation to be in.” He loves doing yard work. He has spent more than 30 years working as a jack of all trades at an auto body shop, physically demanding work. He’s bounced back quickly from all kinds of bumps and bruises and joint issues over the years. He skated as a coach, and as a player
John Woike / Hartford Courant
in various men’s hockey leagues, up until late 2017, when he had to hang up the skates due to his in- creasing discomfort.
The diagnosis last year, before it was known that cancer was in play, was “chronic severe synovial osteo- chondromatosis,” Cannon said.
“I hope you’re recording this,” he joked.
I was. Cannon is in good spirits. He laughed many times throughout a half-hour conversation.
He got emotional, too. He paused several times while talking about all those who have helped him. So many people stepping for- ward means something, Cannon said.
“I guess I didn’t screw up every- thing I touched,” he said.
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