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the shot circle and he was standing in the middle of it. He wanted Angie Maher to focus on finishing tall. He is out there telling her to throw over his head!!! I’m like this guy is crazy! She threw 37 feet so not like it was an underhand toss. And any shot that came close to him he’s grabbing from midair like someone picks an apple off a tree. Casually rolls it back like it’s nothing. “
“What a lot of people don’t know is that he’s a lefty too. I didn’t know he was a lefty for three years. He can teach all the throws technically sound and make it look like he’s been throwing righty his whole life. My third year with him I see him launch a high school disc 200 feet. I was there and said looks like you still got it coach. One of the kids goes that’s his right you should see his left. He smirks flips around in the circle and launches the disc into the woods 230 feet+ (high school disc weighs less then college for those who don’t know) my jaw just drops.”
“He was just an unbelievable guy. Huge heart, passionate about what he
did, loved the sport, loved the kids. He always had my back was there for me more than I can count when I went through some personal stuff. He’s going to be truly missed.”
“An online Go FundMe page has been set up to collect donations to
defer the cost of the Celebration of Life as well as to start a 529 college plan for his niece. Anyone wishing to donate can do so at: https://www. with-funeral-cost”
      CONNECTICUT COACH • ISSUE 1 – 2019-2020 • PAGE 43
Thank You
To Three of the Busiest People I Know!
(Larry McHugh, John Fontana and Bob (Jiggs) Cecchini)
I want to say a heartfelt THANKS to each of you for nominating me for the prestigious NHSACA Hall of Fame award! This past week in North Dakota has been so exciting in so many ways. It was great to see many people associated with the National... all of whom say “Hi to each of you!” They made a point to come up to me and talk about previous conventions with you and the exciting memories along the way. It was such a rewarding experience to share.
Thanks again for this fantastic opportunity to represent Connecticut. I feel truly blessed and honored for this award.
See you soon! Babby

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