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Eight Distinguished Contributors Joining CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor
 In recognition of exceptional ca- reers of service to CAS-CIAC eight distinguished honorees will be rec- ognized as the fifth class in the CAS- CIAC Hall of Honor. Earle Bidwell, Armand Fabbri, Harold Goldberg, Art Kohs, Tom Murray, Armand Regalbu- ti, George Synnott, and Margaret Wil- liamson will be honored.
The CAS-CIAC Hall of Honor which was established to honor in- dividuals who have made significant long-term contributions to CAS-CIAC. Additional information about the Hall of Honor is available at http://CIACs- Brief bios and some affiliated schools/organizations for each honoree is below. The 2020 CAS-CIACHallofHonorHonoreesare:
Earle Bidwell was a staple of CAS middle level programs for decades both as a contributor and then as a staff member. A longtime middle level principal he was named the CAS Mid- dle Level Principal of the year while serving in that role at Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School, and would also earn CAS Citations and Letter of Com- mendation. He then supported the ex- pansion of Middle Level programs and oversaw several recognition events for more than a decade as a CAS Assistant Executive Director.
Armand Fabbri was a fixture at Notre Dame-Fairfield for decades while also providing significant con- tribution and parochial school repre- sentation as a Committee and Board member for CAS-CIAC. He was a teacher, coach, and Principal at Notre Dame and served on a variety of CAS- CIAC committees, including a stint as the chair of the Football Committee, as well as a Board of Control and Student Activities Board tenures. His work for
the organization was recognized with both a CAS Citation and CAS Letter of Commendation.
Harold Goldberg (will be honored posthumously) was a trailblazer in several venues during a lengthy ca- reer. He spent a remarkable 40 years as the Principal at Clark Lane Middle School, and served a variety of CAS- CIAC roles including becoming the second middle school principal to be CAS President. He was later select- ed CAS Principal of the Year among many CAS honors, and he also was an instrumental figure in the early years of the highly-successful CIAC Unified Sports program later in his career.
The founder of the athletics program at Xavier High School, Art Kohs was also deeply involved in leadership organizations across the state. A longtime and highly success- ful coach and AD at Xavier, while also serving as a longtime member of CIAC Boys Basketball and Boys Tennis Com- mittees, and helped form and serve on the CIAC’s critical Season Limitations Committee. He was highly involved in the Athletics Directors and Coaches Associations and also served the state as a longtime soccer official.
Tom Murray was involved in the highly successful boys and girls bas- ketball tournaments for three de- cades, along with a long career of in- volvement in CIAC and the CHSCA. He was a highly successful teacher and coach at Branford High School which earned him spots in both the Branford and CHSCA Halls of Fame. He was a longtime consultant with CHSCA and his involvement with officiating helped him serve the critical role of assigning officials for both CIAC bas- ketball tournaments from 1990-2018.
Armand Regalbuti has an impres- sive legacy of work with CAS-CIAC and as an administrator at the middle school level. He was the first person to hold the position of CAS-CIAC Assis- tant Executive for Middle Level Edu- cation after a distinguished career as an educator and administrator that earned him numerous accolades from CAS including the coveted CAS Cita- tion and a letter of commendation. He was a valuable member of mul- tiple CAS committees and served as the chairperson of the Junior/Middle Level CAS Board.
George Synnott (will be honored posthumously) made his mark in sev- eral roles through the course of his career both as a fixture on CAS-CIAC boards and committees and as a staff member for CIAC Unified Sports. As a principal at Berlin High School he served as chair of the CIAC Board of Control and earned CAS Citation and letter of commendation. He then joined the Unified Sports staff and helped foster great growth and suc- cess for the organization during his tenure as Assistant Director and Di- rector.
Margaret Williamson is still serv- ing CAS-CIAC in a variety of roles, con- tinuing a long history of work with the organization. The current Principal of the St. Mary’s School and longtime Principal at Northwest Catholic, she is the chair of the CIAC Girls Basketball and Girls Lacrosse Committees, and has been a member of the CIAC Board of Control, serving as the Vice Chair of that organization. She received the honor of a CAS Citation in 2018 and a letter of Commendation in 2013.
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