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  The Connecticut High School Coaches Associa- tion would like to speak out against racial injustice and police brutality while sup- porting the non-violent pro- tests and actions of the Black Lives Matter movement.
In the past few weeks, we
have again seen videos and
heard factual news accounts
showing racial inequality
and racism towards people
of color in our country. The
death of George Floyd ignited
worldwide protests and dem-
onstrations, bringing people
of all colors, nationalities and
faiths together to decry rac-
ism that exists and has existed in our country for too long. We would hope that voices together can create the power to make change for the better. Conversation needs to take place so people can understand the inequities and experi- ences that black people face daily in their lives.
Many athletes and athletic organizations have spoken out against racial injustice: Tommie Smith and John Car- los raised their fists in protest in the 1968 summer Olym- pics in support of Black Power and the human rights move- ment; Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem at an NFL game four years ago; the NBA and NFL, among other sports organizations from all levels and gen-
der, have released statements in support of the movement against racism. Athletics has been a platform for speaking out against these injustices and now the movement is spreading. It is the hope that schools in every community in our state have these con- versations to create aware- ness and understanding. Coaches are encouraged to start these conversations with their teams. The defi- nition of team is a group of people working together for a common goal. A coach works diligently to get the “team” to support team members re-
gardless of their color or ethnic background. Understand- ing each other makes it easier to help and grow with one another. The conversation that could take place at the team level can help create that understanding and unity to make positive changes on the team and in life.
As an organization, we can offer our assistance and support to begin and carry on those conversations to eradi- cate social injustices and racism. Working together as edu- cators and coaches, we can listen to our student-athletes and teach them to be leaders of positive change in their community and in our country.
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