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   rience, Logan developed the “run- ner’s high” for coaching and an insatiable desire for more, specifi- cally to learn as much as he could about each event in track & field. He would often attend clinics on his own from New Haven to Atlan- tic City, reading all the materials they provided and seeking other coaches out to talk shop, pick their brains, and share workouts for specific techniques and events.
“The biggest issue is you have so many different events,” said Logan. “To be good as a head coach, you have to have a pretty broad knowledge. It took me a long time to get to that point,” says Logan. “But you never stop learning.”
Backed by a broadening knowl- edge base on each event, Logan’s natural ability as an educator to reach students on an individual level made more athletes achieve new heights. The program grew as more athletes experienced person-
al success through their own indi- vidual journeys of steady improve- ment, with many going on to com- pete at the NCAA level.
“He has a way of extracting tal- ent and ability out of his athletes,” said Bonnie Kilis, a record-setting heptathlete at RHAM who also owns records at Sacred Heart Uni- versity. As an athlete who starred in seven events and went on to compete as an Olympic weight- lifter and with the U.S.A. bobsled team after college, Kilis knows well the value of versatility through Coach Logan’s style. “He could genuinely see what an athlete is capable of and would tailor his coaching to that individual to help them practice correctly and per- form well in competitions,” says Kilis. “It was different for every athlete. Everyone had tailored training from Coach Logan. His ability to make every athlete know they have the ability succeed and
then actually fulfilling it helped put RHAM on the map.”
While Logan’s approaches and messages could be different for each student-athlete, there are two things that remained consis- tent in his coaching that resonat- ed throughout the program – posi- tivity and the ability to answer the question “Why?”
“Kids will do what you ask them to do, but you have to give them a good reason,” says Logan. “You have to tell them, ‘This is why you need to do this.’ You have to have an explanation as to why they’re doing a particular workout. And then you have to have a plan.”
As a heptathlete, Kilis constant- ly experienced answering that all- important question ‘Why?’, break- ing down seven events with Logan and his coaching staff. “Every sin- gle event is technical,” says Kilis. Whether it was properly pacing herself for an 800M run or stay-
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