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   member, chair, and championship meet director – helping mold a statewide environment promoting shared knowledge to benefit every- one.
In 2007, he began a 12-year ten- ure as athletic director at RHAM, moving on from coaching track & field but continuing on with girls cross country. Within his leader- ship roles, the history teacher in him has always been motivated from a perspective of pushing the needle of progress towards equity and “doing things to make life bet- ter for everybody.”
As a coach of young women who began in the early years of Title IX and a father of two daugh- ters, Logan says, “I have always maintained and preached the idea of equity in sport based not only on gender but in all areas. When we had the Title IX movement going on, I said, ‘Listen, you guys are trailblazers.’”
Academics, not surprisingly, always took precedence over ath- letics for the educator and lifelong learner. “He would always find a way to work with you to make
up practice or say, ‘Hey, school work comes first, get this done, we’ll pick it up tomorrow,’” says Kilis. In fact, part of the individ- ual plans he would so famously craft for his student-athletes often would include finding tutors for them. “I believe all his athletes were great students. He would find and make the time to help you succeed in school,” she says. “That way, you could succeed in the ath-
letics realm.”
While the records, titles, and
awards are both well-deserved and appreciated by Logan, the true measure of success for him comes in the wedding invitations and Christmas cards from the student- athletes to whom he dedicated his career. “I look at that, and I go, ‘My God, that’s validation,’” Logan says.
He also is quick to point out that even though cross country and track & field are sports that celebrate individual success, no individual does it alone. He is espe- cially appreciative of all the coach- es who have worked alongside him through the years, as well as the support he’s always felt from administration.
Even now in retirement and on his way to the Hall of Fame, the journey continues for Logan, who is volunteering as an assistant with the boys cross country team. Forty years after a few kids first asked him to help them out, the student-athletes are still asking and Mark Logan is still saying yes and giving the kids at RHAM the biggest reason why.
“You just don’t do it alone,” says Logan.
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