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 Going by the Book... Rules of the Game
A review of the most current rule changes by the NFHS
   NOTE: Coaches, if you have any questions on procedures, rules and/or point of emphasis, please contact your local officials board rules interpreter.
player to conserve time by inten- tionally throwing the ball forward to the ground immediately after receiving the snap, has been ex- panded to include any player posi- tioned directly behind the center. This exception now includes snaps that are not hand-to-hand.
2020 Editorial Changes
NOCSAE Warning Label, 1-3-1d and g, 1-3-1i (NEW), Table 1-7, 2-33- 2, 2-41-9, 3-1-6 (NEW), 3-1-7 (NEW), Table 3-1, 3-4-8, 3-4-9 (NEW), 7-2- 5a, 7-5-12, Table 7-5, 8-2-4, 9-5-1d, 9-9 PENALTY, 10-4-2 EXCEPTION, 10-5-1j, Penalty Summary, Official Signal 17 (NEW) and 23, Appendix H (NEW), Index
2020 Points Of Emphasis
• Sportsmanship
• Intentional Grounding
• Ineligible Downfield and Line
of Scrimmage Formation
Defining Team Designated Rep- resentative for Penalty Decisions [1-4-1, 1-4-4 (NEW), 2-32-5, 3-5-2, 10-1-1, 10-1-2, 10-2-4] — Prior to the game, the head coach will notify the referee of the designated repre- sentative(coachorplayer)whowill make decisions regarding penalty acceptance or declination.
Halftime Intermission Option Fol- lowing Weather Delay [3-1-6c EX- CEPTION (NEW)] — The halftime intermission may be shortened by mutual agreement of opposing coaches if a weather delay occurs during the last three minutes of the second period.
40-Second Play Clock Clarifica- tion [3-6-1a(1)e EXCEPTIONS 2 and 3 (NEW)] — To eliminate a po- tential timing advantage gained by the defensive team, the rules com- mittee approved the play clock be- ing set to 40 seconds when an offi- cials’ time-out is taken for an injury to a defensive player or a defensive player has an equipment issue.
25-Second Play Clock Clarifica- tion [3-6-1a(1)f (NEW)] — Follow- ing a legal kick when either team is awarded a new series, the play clock will be set to 25 seconds.
Disconcerting Act Foul and Pen- alty Reclassified [7-1-9 (NEW), 7-1- 9 PENALTY (NEW)] — Disconcert- ing acts or words by the defense has been reclassified from a unsports- manlike foul to a disconcerting act foul, and the penalty changed from 15 yards to 5 yards.
Spiking the Ball to Conserve Time (7-5-2e EXCEPTION, TABLE 7-5-2e EXCEPTION, TABLE 7-5e EXCEP- TION) — The exception to allow a
RULES CHANGES – 2020-21 By NFHS on May 12, 2020
2-12-5: The intent of the rule change is to avoid gamesmanship and ensure the time for replace- ment remains within the rules. This rule change makes 2-12-5 con- sistent with 2-12-4 “second horn” requirement.
Rationale: The addition of a warn- ing signal at the end of the replace- ment period admonishes the coach and team to prepare for resump- tion of the game.
5-4-1, 2: When a coach has been removed, this rule clarifies that if no other coach or school person- nel are available, then the game is forfeited unless state association rules determine otherwise.
Rationale: Rewritten to clarify the forfeiture process and adds language and a new article to give directions when there is no coach or other school personnel, on the bench.
10-6-Penalty: To clarify that of- ficials are not required to issue a warning prior to issuing a techni- cal foul. However, they may issue a warning when the offense is judged not to be major.
Rationale: To clarify the official does not have to give a warning to the coach. The warning is one of the tools used to help improve be- havior before a technical foul has to be given.
RULES CHANGES – 2020 By NFHS on April 02, 2020
 RULES CHANGES – 2020-22 By NFHS on May 28, 2020
3-3-1 — Clarifies the proper uni- form.
5-1-5, 5-1-6b — Permits state asso- ciations to adopt their own inquiry procedures.
5-1-6f — Standardizes the deduc- tion for competing out of order.
6-1-1e — Specifies that tape, chalk or other substances may not be used on the Vault Table.
6-1-2d — Specifies the procedure for securing the top landing mat.
6-1-4 — Specifies that chalk may not be used on the runway and adds maximum length of tape.
6-2-6c(2) — Specifies that the safe- ty zone must be present around the front and sides of the board
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