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                              Dear Customers,                                                   GROUP

                              this catalogue gives you modern, versatile and technologi-
                              cally advanced solutions for data communications, telecom-
                              munications, power engineering and automation.

                              In no small part thanks to you and your suggestions, we have
                              improved functionality of the well-known products and solu-
                              tions to face up to ever more stringent standards and con-
                              stantly changing needs.

                              We give you a range of new products and solutions such as
                              next-generation SMART multimedia kiosks, closed-profile
                              bolted SZE3 industrial cabinet with unlimited possibilities
                              for expansion and built-ins, as well as the quiet, efficient and
                              energy-saving PWS2 roof fan. Innovative Z-BOX wall-mount-
                              ed cabinet is also our new product which characterized
                              quick and simple assembly and incredible high load capacity
                              100 kg.

                              We are confident that with our knowledge, extensive experi-
                              ence and respect for the work of human hands on every level
                              of product creation, the solutions offered by the ZPAS Group
                              are of the highest, world-class quality.

                              	 Piotr Baranowski
                              	 President of the
                              	 Management Board

”Sometimes when I consider

what tremendous consequences
come from little things …
I am tempted to think …
there are no little things.

Bruce Barton

                                                                                                ZPAS 003
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