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® AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN InfraSolution X™ AUSTIN ® ® AUSTIN ® ® ® Integrated IT Access Control & Monitoring Providing data ® AUSTIN ® ® AUSTIN ® ® AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN centre managers and rack level administrators AUSTIN ® AUSTIN ® AUSTIN ® secure, IT Access Control and Environment Monitoring over Ethernet Unauthorised access and environmental conditions HID®, MiFare™ Swipe Card Access with Easy to for Temperature and Humidity can be sent to the setup Designated Users with Access rights for administrators via e-mail, SNMP, or SMS individual racks at specifc time / day / date InfraSolution provides total reporting with complete access logs and event occurrences, the simple GUI software allows up to 8 simultaneous InfraPower PDU Monitoring & Control users access to control different cabinets using centralised management, view, current (Amp), voltage (Volts), power (KW), energy sensors consumption (kWh), and remotely switch on or off power sockets via overs IP Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon Water Sensor Swipe card locking with secure smart Shock Sensor card technology using Smoke Detector an Electromagnetic door handle
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