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New mast installed on HMAS Anzac
HMAS Anzac’s new mast has been installed in the next major milestone as part of the ship’s Mid Life Capability Assurance Pro- gram (AMCAP) being undertaken at BAE Systems Australia’s Henderson facility.
The new mast is the second to be manu- factured by BAE Systems as part of the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) between BAE Systems, SAAB Australia, Naval Ship Management (NSM)
The new mast is the second to be manufactured by BAE Systems as part of the Warship Asset Management Agreement.
and the Common- wealth. The achieve- ment follows the suc- cessful installation of the first mast onto the HMAS Arunta late last year.
Around 650 people are currently working on the upgrade of the Anzac frigate fleet, in-
cluding 400 BAE Systems Australia employees. The mast installation is one of the last major works on the HMAS Anzac ahead of her undocking late this year. She will then undertake sea trials ahead of a planned re-
turn to service in 2020.
The replacement mast is taller and wider
than the existing mast so that it can accom- modate the new CEA L-Band radar system, while retaining the existing Anti-Ship Mis-
sile Defence (ASMD) radar capability. The new L-Band high power active phase array radar incorporating an integrated ‘Friend and Foe’ capability replaces the previous AN/SPS-49(V)8 radar system. This new ra- dar compliments the existing ASMD radar system and is integrated into the existing Combat Management Systems of the ship by SAAB Australia.
HMAS Anzac arrived at Henderson in Sep- tember 2018. As part of her AMCAP upgrade she will have upgraded ventilation systems, new sewage systems, improvements to the Control and Monitory System, rngine modifi- cations, and a new communications suite
The Control and Monitoring System of the ship has also received a technological re- fresh, replacing existing analogue technol- ogy with digital. This is the first time such a technology refresh has been undertaken on such a large scale on the Anzac Class ships and follows the successful upgrade to HMAS Arunta completed earlier this year.
Integration of the communications sys- tem into the existing ships data communi- cations systems has been closely managed during design by Melbourne based defence communications company Leonardo.
First Boxer unveiled in Brisbane
THE first of the fleet of new Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) has been unveiled at a ceremony at Enoggera Bar- racks in Brisbane.
The 211 new Boxer 8x8 CRVs will be deliv- ered by Rheinmetall Defence Australia under the $5 billion Land 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability program.
ADM revealed that the first Boxers had arrived in Brisbane in July.
“[These vehicles] will be able to undertake a range of missions from regional stability and peacekeeping through to high-threat operations, and will provide improved safe- ty to Australian soldiers on deployment and on exercises around the world," Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said.
“This project presents an exciting oppor- tunity for Australian industry to play a vital role in delivering leading-edge capability and technology to Australia’s Army,” Min-
ister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said.
Over the 30-year life of the vehicles, Australian industry will secure $10.2 billion of the total investment in ac- quiring and maintaining the fleet.
Minister Price also announced an additional seven small businesses that have been contracted by Rhe- inmetall as suppliers for the first 25 Boxer vehicles:
• Frontline Manufacturing:
• Precision Metal Group Australia • Direct Edge
• MoTeC
• Axalta
• Hilton Manufacturing
• Rockpress
Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price at the acceptance ceremony for the first Boxer vehicle.
The first 25 vehicles will be assembled in Germany and delivered to Australia as part of technology transfer activities to fa- miliarise Australian workers and suppliers on the specific manufacturing techniques of these vehicles.
The remaining vehicles will be assem- bled at Rheinmetall’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence facility in Redbank, near Ipswich.
This brings to a total of 12 small busi- nesses across Australia who will contribute to the Boxer program.
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