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Fundamental Input to Capability
Delegate numbers reached a record high in 2019.
eskowiak noted that the NT was receiving the largest amount of E&IG funding at the present time, both for the refurbishment of existing facilities and the enhancement of facilities, largely to accommodate the US Force Posture Initiative (FPI).
Grzeskowiak said another priority is local industry capability, which forms a part of the Federal Government’s plans to develop regional Australia. Across E&IGs Local In- dustry Capability Plan, 3,737 subcontrac- tor work packages have been let, an average of 64 per cent of which have been let to local businesses across Australia and with a value in the region of $2.8 billion.
The involvement of indigenous com- panies is a continuing focus and Defence overall has been a leader in the champi- oning of the Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy. Grzeskowiak is also the Indigenous Champion for Defence and he told delegates that in the 2016/17 finan- cial year, 612 new contracts were awarded to 112 indigenous companies, together valued at $485.2 million. Although yet
to be finalised, he said the FY2018/19 figures indi- cated a further increase in indigenous involvement in E&IG projects.
“In 2018, we have an in-
creased target of 618 (con-
tracts), and we are actually tracking 1278 contracts, valued at $292 million,” he said.
“I can’t do this without industry partners out there doing the work on our behalf, this is one of the key wins in the IPP and because we tend to outsource to large com- panies, we rely on you to subcontract using indigenous companies.”
Keynote Speakers
Keynote speakers during the morning ses- sion included Jodie Patron, economist and director at KPMG Australia, who provided delegates with an insight of global econom- ic trends and their potential effect on Aus- tralian companies and the local workforce.
Patron said that, although the global and local economies were weak, people
who predict Australia is about to enter re- cession were wrong.
“The problem with the economy is that the recent capital boom has created capital capacity that has yet to be soaked up,” she explained. “Even our widest probability dis- tribution doesn’t predict recession. It’s not all doom and gloom.”
Chris Birrer, First Assistant Secretary, Infrastructure of E&IG provided delegates with a look at Defence infrastructure of the future, describing a ‘core bedrock’ the or- ganisation is working towards, to provide fit for purpose facilities that deliver value for money and projects that are on scope, budget and schedule.
“They must provide facilities that support Defence capability, that are consistent with | November 2019 | 21
“The Garrison Estate Management System (GEMS) ICT system is now in place, after a delayed introduction.”

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