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providing simultaneous access to both commercial and DOD networks so that warfighters can seamlessly roam across this hybrid infrastructure. These networks may span multiple orbital regimes—low Earth orbit, medium Earth orbit and geosyn- chronous Earth orbit—and operate over multiple frequency bands, such as UHF, X, Ku, Ka and mil-Ka.
“The networks provide independent lay- ers of resilient terrestrial infrastructure and feature different network management and cyber defence implementations. This hybrid architecture provides inherent diversity while removing single points of failure and/ or points of attack.”
A demonstration of the HAN concept will be on show at MilCIS this month, making the 1s and 0s more accessible for the user community to see in action.
On the satellite front, Viasat has been steadily increasing the throughput of its constellation – from Viasat series 1 and 2 with series 3 scheduled for the same time- frame as JP 9102 – the early 2020s.
“Our Viasat 1 Satellite had about 140 giga- bits per second of capacity and that was game-
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changing at the time because the best Ku or Ka satellites of that era, only seven or eight years ago, had a maximum capacity of six or seven gigabits per second of capacity,” Peter- man explained. “Viasat 2 came next and dou- bled Viasat 1’s capacity. And when the Viasat 3 constellation emerges in the 2021/2022 timeframe, we are projecting that each satel- lite will have over a terabit per second of ca- pacity, well over 1000 gigabits per second.”
The company made the decision early on
to focus on capacity rather than coverage. But the Viasat 3 series will initially have a three-satellite constellation in place that will have global high throughput coverage for both commercial and military custom- ers at over 3,000 gb per second of capacity across the system.
“What we’re finding is that the satellite technology is on such a steep trajectory,” Peterman said. “This enables us to begin a thought leading dialogue with countries like
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