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the current-production US Army CH-47F helicopters, improving performance, par- ticularly in ‘hot and high’ conditions.
Air 9000 Phase 5C was also developed around the same time, to consider the fu- ture replacement of the CH-47D with the CH-47F and a further pair of ex-US Army CH-47Ds were acquired under Air 9000 Phase 5D in December 2011 as attrition re- placements for helicopters lost in accidents in Afghanistan in December 2011.
Phase 5C gained Second Pass approval in May 2010 and seven CH-47Fs were initially acquired, with deliveries occurring between 2014 and 2017. As these deliveries were un- derway, the Defence Force Structure Review highlighted the need for an increased ADF medium lift capability. Three additional air- frames were delivered under a rapid acquisi- tion methodology, overseen by Land 4502
Phase 1 and delivered in mid-2016, less than 120 days from the signing of the initial Letter of Ac- ceptance (LOA).
CH-47 Integrated Support Services contract genesis
Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) was awarded the CH-47 Integrated Support Services (CISS) contract in September 2018, but the company’s involvement with Chinook sustainment services stretches back to the introduction of the CH-47D variant, with the posting of a Field Service Representative (FSR) from the US and an agreement with the Commonwealth for the supply of post-design support services.
Although CH-47D maintenance sup- port was provided by BAE Systems Austra-
of the three additional helicopters deliv- ered under Land 4502 Phase 1. In late 2016 BDA also signed a Chinook Maintenance Support (CMS) contract for the provision of operational and depot maintenance sup- port, replacing BAE Systems Australia. The CMS was also included an integrated work- force strategy which incorporates 5 AVN REGT personnel.
The CISS contract signed with Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group in Sep- tember 2018 essentially consolidates all ex- isting support services into a single contract.
“It is effectively a through life support contract for the Chinook here in Australia
The Chinook fleet
is one of the most reliable airframes in ADF service.
lia, BDA Chinook sustainment activities expanded over the years, largely under the umbrella of the Army Aviation Training and Training Support (AATTS) contract, until late 2014 when Boeing was contracted to support the introduction of the initial seven CH-47F helicopters.
The one-year agreement was known as the Delivery and Operational Maintenance Support (DOMS) contract and included a mix of BDA and Boeing personnel.
“We worked with a team of US techni- cians in Philadelphia, accepting the aircraft alongside the Commonwealth, tearing them down and loading them onto aircraft for the flight to Townsville,” remembers Mal Porra, BDA CH-47F program man- ager. “In Townsville we supported the ac- ceptance rebuild and supported the New Equipment Training (NET) phase, which included US Army pilots training Army aviators in operating the aircraft.”
During this time, BDA personnel also incorporated a number of Australia-specific modifications to the local fleet, including installation of ballistic protection blankets, Electronic Location Transponder (ELT), crashworthy pilots’ seats, a Cargo On/Off Loading System (COOLS) and a mount for the Dillon Aerospace M134 minigun.
A similar, albeit shorter, contract fol- lowed in 2016 to support the introduction | November 2019 | 53
“Our approach across all our
sustainment programs is that of the platform steward and our intent is to bring data analytics in as a tool suite.”

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