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                                 AMA Supporting Communities
“We own coaching and development and it is doing wonders for the business, but more importantly for the quality individuals who find a new lease in trust and life by being part of our organisation.”
Steven Bubulj
Panel CEO, AMA Group
 Three people with challenging and different journeys and a will to succeed.
Zanoa was an apprentice Spray Painter but was expelled from Year 12.
She struggled with employment and had no roof over her head and no home until she was 23.
Zanoa was given an opportunity with AMA as an apprentice and she will complete her apprenticeship early due to her diligence and drive.
She has become a well-respected and valued member of her team and has a promising future.
Omid arrived in Australia 2012 after escaping with his family who were smuggled out of Iran and found on an un-seaworthy boat by the Australian Navy.
Omid’s family were granted refugee status and relocated to Brisbane but he struggled to find employment. AMA offered Omid an apprenticeship as a spray painter and he is an excellent team member and flourishing in his job.
Chris is a mature-aged paint apprentice and a single father to two girls.
Throughout his life he has had many unfulfilling jobs and pathways and was desperate to build a bright future for himself.
Today Chris has completed his academic work through to the end of 3rd year as a painter, and given the opportunity with AMA he has a new lease on life.
 AMA Support NRL Cowboys
House Sponsorship
More than 75% of students in remote Far North Queensland do not have local access to a full secondary education. AMA has extended our financial and training sponsorship to Cowboys House to create real change in a young person’s life, giving them access to a quality education and a supportive home- away-from-home at NRL Cowboys House.
AMA has supported Eli Taylor as a first-year apprentice mechanic/panel beater with Gemini Accident Repair Centre in Townsville, and now AMA is supporting Nathan Widgell as a Paint Apprentice when he graduates this year.
Gemini Townsville Centre Manager Martin Dickinson said:
“We love what NRL Cowboys House are doing for their students and becoming a Friend of the House was AMA’s way of recognising the need for a special program like this in our region.”
Eli Taylor
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