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      In providing you with an onsite service they are giving you the op- portunity to reduce your costs of repair and finalise them considerably quicker.
As we all know there is little chance of state governments any time soon agreeing on a national repair regulation, so it is up to the industry to show they can repair fully to the OEM specs and in so doing provide faith in the collision repair industry to do what they do best – repairing vehicles.
To do this successfully you have to be able to provide both the insurance com- pany and the consumer with the infor- mation they require:
• You have the equipment capable of re- pairing to OEM specs and can provide hard and soft copy evidence of work done and the specs to which it has been done. TEXA manufactures all of its
inyourshopwillbeequippedwith some ADAS features”
out. Having the vehicles’ own system itself verify a successful operation you should have no issues in providing such warranties. From a supplier’s perspec-
                                                                               equipment to the OEM standard and have tested all equipment at TUV Rhien- land certifying it repairs to OEM specs.
• You have trained technicians who are capable of carrying out diagnostic evaluation and who have been trained on your specific systems. Following the correct processes is vital in ensur- ing the calibration is done correctly.
• You have continually updated soft- ware giving you access to the latest in OEM calibration methods.
• You will need to provide a warranty/ guarantee on the calibration carried
tive we know the equipment and soft- ware will provide you with a solution for the calibration of both cameras and ra- dar as it does in nearly every other coun- try. However there are many issues such as mentioned above plus the issue around coding in Australia that should be considered before you make the leap into this new opportunity.
As we enter ( yes we are here now) the era of electric/autonomous/flying vehi- cles there is even more reason to be se- lective in your choice of partner in this diagnostic field.
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