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                         THE NUMBER OF VEHICLES NEEDING RE-
calibration is on a steep curve upwards, sending every car to the dealership is like- ly to become an unsustainable policy in the near future.
Autel is an established Australian and New Zealand equipment supplier. In or- der to fully understand if any ADAS as- pect needs recalibrating you need a reli- able OBD scanner which will also confirm successful recalibration. Autel says its scanner is the global best seller. The company supports over a million workshop professionals worldwide who demand innovation, reliability and com- prehensive vehicle parc coverage.
The Autel system offers a static and mobile recalibration option both offer- ing accurate recalibration. The company is an I-CAR Sustaining Partner and con- tributed to the development of I-CAR’s ADAS training course.
As well as identifying what does and doesn’t need calibrating, the Autel sys-
tems produces a report which details all action taken to offer peace of mind for the repairer, customer and insurer. The system is also simple to operate which means technicians can quickly learn how to perform accurate recalibration.
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