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 March-April 2021 |
Respondents cited overall packaging recy- clability (61 per cent) and the threat to wildlife and the environment (60 per cent) as the big- gest issues for them. The amount of plastics used (58 per cent), the sheer amount of pack- aging (56 per cent), and compostability (43 per cent) were also cited as key concerns.
“Here in Australia, businesses and gov- ernments have committed to implementing
the 2025 National Packaging Targets, which includes making all packaging 100 per cent reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025,” explains Donnelly.
“It was particularly interesting to see recy- clability rank so highly with consumers and I’d encourage all Australians who want to recycle correctly to check out the Australasian Recycling Label program, which we run with Planet Ark, to provide accurate recycling information for packaging.”
The report also finds that due to these con- cerns, many Australian shoppers (49 per cent) have started looking beyond traditional retail- ers and supermarkets in a bid to shop more sustainably, choosing instead to shop online, at farmers markets, and boutique eco-stores.
When it comes to e-commerce, Australian shoppers believe supermarkets should improve their sustainability choices on home deliveries, with 69 per cent of respon- dents stating they want home deliveries to arrive in paper bags, with bag-less deliveries (43 per cent) and plastic bag returns (46 per cent) also popular options.
MAIN: Consumer behaviour has changed, with environmental concerns now a key driver of purchasing decisions.
LEFT: Shoppers now expect to see more sustainable options.
“We’re already seeing some brands innovat- ing in this space and the research shows us that making sustainable changes to packaging will help brands win customers,” says Patel.
“Shoppers now expect to see more sustain- able options – it will be more important than ever for businesses to keep track of the ever- changing customer insights and continue to change their offering accordingly.”
In terms of the future, 43 per cent of respondents stated that making more sus- tainable life choices would be among their New Years’ resolutions.
So, expect to see even more focus on sus- tainability and environmentally conscious purchasing, meaning brands must deliver or risk losing market share. ■
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