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COVER STORY | | March-April 2021
  A smart result
Growing uptake of active and intelligent packaging has seen a paradigm shift as brand owners and suppliers push boundaries to embrace smart technologies. Result Group is forging the path
for synergistic integration of existing and new technologies. PKN spoke to MD Michael Dossor about the group’s business drivers.
CONTEMPORARY printing and label- ling methods for packaging involve traditional processes and techniques delivered via coding and marking technologies such as high-resolution printing, inkjet coding and laser marking, to
name a few. Printing, coding and marking have not become redundant, nor will they be any time soon, how- ever, digitalisation and emerging packaging technologies have paved the way for the development of active and intelligent applications.
For Result Group, a company engaged in both traditional and new technology supply, finding a way to seamlessly integrate existing and new technolo- gies synergistically and without exten- sive capital is a business imperative.
The company’s core business units making up the ‘Result DNA’ – Product Identification, Process Automation, Value Added Packaging and Self-Adhesive Materials – are now complemented by Active & Intelligent Packaging solutions.
“Progressive brands looking to innovate with packaging solutions are looking for partners who can pro- vide expertise around active and intelligent packaging,” says Result Group MD Michael Dossor.
“Our practical knowledge coupled with our understanding of materials and their properties to keep products fresh and consumable can pave the way for many businesses to adopt active and intelligent packaging. The winning brands will be those who see real opportunity in engaging consum- ers in a digitally-driven market.”
Protecting brands against fraud is a challenge that many Australian brand owners are encountering, across many industries, especially those involved in exporting goods outside of Australia.
Dossor suggests brands can over- come this issue by using secure intel- ligent identification technology to protect their brand.
“Digitising products using a cloud platform ensures an authentic brand experience from the time of harvest to production, through every step of the distribution and supply chain, to the consumer point of purchase and even post sale,” he says.
“Similarly, a secure NFC or RFID tag can help tackle many problems in the food and beverage industry such as waste in the supply chain, empty shelves, theft, counterfeiting and recall of contaminated or unsafe products.”
Dossor explains that Result has application technology that can be easily integrated into existing pack- aging and processing lines. He adds that technologies such as digital cod- ing and NFC/RFID tags are now at levels of cost-effective deployment at a product level.
Intelligent packaging technology such as cold chain time-temperature indicators (TTIs) and after-opening freshness indicators are applied at point of manufacture and remain with the product throughout the sup- ply chain. TTIs are extremely useful on commodities for which cold-chain compliance is critical for safety, such as fresh produce, fish and meat.
  Digitising products using a cloud platform ensures an authentic brand experience ... through every step of the distribution and supply chain, to the consumer purchase point and even post sale.”

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