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ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION | | March-April 2021
 ABB builds cobot collection
To support the growing demand for collaborative robots (cobots), ABB has expanded its portfolio with the launch of two next-gen cobots.
LEFT: The Swifti combines a payload of 4kg and reach of up to 580mm with the benefits of safe collaborative operation and ease of use.
BELOW: The GoFa features intelligent torque, position sensors on its six joints for power and force limiting performance, and comes with a reach of 950mm.
to 580mm with the benefits of safe collaborative operation, and opens new possibilities for enhanced pro- ductivity in a wide range of applica- tions, from manufacturing to logis- tics and beyond.
The Swifti offers a maximum tool centre point (TCP) speed of more than five metres per second, and is designed to support intermittent collaboration between humans and the robot.
Integrating a safety laser scanner with ABB’s SafeMove Collaborative safety software, the Swifti pre- vents injuries by ensuring con- tact between a moving robot and a human will not occur.
“By enabling safe collaborative operation at higher speeds with its speed and separation moni- toring, the Swifti bridges the gap between collaborative and indus- trial robots,” explains Katsos.
“Utilising the expanded capa- bilities offered by next-genera- tion cobots like the Swifti enables companies to positively transform
their productivity through automation.”
Every installation includes a start-up package that pro- vides access to the
support hotline and condition monitoring and diag- nostics for the first six months, as well as expert technical sup- port across all industry segments. Both next-generation machines will be available from March 2021, joining ABB’s cobot portfolio, which now covers appli- cations ranging from less
than 0.5kg to 5kg. ■
 GLOBAL technology company ABB has expanded its portfolio of cobots by adding the 6-axis GoFa CRB 15000 and the CRB 1100 Swifti to its line-up of robotics.
The GoFa features intelligent sensors in each joint to support close human and robot collab-
oration, and can handle payloads up to 5kg, while the Swifti is an industrial cobot that offers speeds of more than five metres per second for payloads up to 4kg.
The GoFa is designed to safely work alongside human workers without the space and expense associated with physical barriers, and with- out jeopardising speed and safety, allowing for maximum flexibility and efficiency.
Easy to install and use, it unlocks opportunities for all users by enabling simple automation of pro- cesses involving heavier loads and longer reaches without the need for in-depth programming skills or prior training.
With a reach of 950mm, it offers an effective solution for a variety of applications, including material handling, machine tending, com- ponent assembly, packaging and inspection, as well as laboratory automation.
Featuring intelligent torque and position sensors in each of its six joints, it offers superior power and force limiting performance. The sensors also eliminate worker risks by bringing the robot arm to a complete stop within milliseconds when something gets close by.
“With its ease-of-use digital tools, integrated safety features and higher payloads, it significantly expands the potential for cobots due to it supporting a range of new tasks and applications,” says Peter
Katsos, head of robotics and dis- crete automation for ABB Australia. “It enables more businesses to automate repetitive, mundane and dangerous processes, and to enhance productivity and flexibil- ity, while leaving employees free to
do more value-add activities.”
Based on ABB’s IRB 1100 indus- trial robot, the Swifti combines
a payload of 4kg and reach of up
It enables more businesses to automate repetitive, mundane and dangerous processes, and to enhance productivity and flexibility...”

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