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Markem-Imaje has launched its new cost-effective and hassle-free 9330 CIJ coder, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Designed for low-to-medium duty operation up to 4.4m/s, it is simple to use and maintain, and can easily adapt when production needs to ramps up. Suitable for a single line and easy to scale up, the coder meets the needs of SMEs – from start-up to more advanced applications as their business develops.
Intended for a wide range of industries, it offers IP55 protection, making it ideal for many applications, including food and beverage. It can print on a wide range of media, including plastics, cardboard, metal, foil, paper and glass.
It features an automatic printhead cleaning system, making start-ups quick and easy. This feature makes the coder particularly useful for seasonal production, such as in coding fruit and vegetables.
In terms of maintenance, its Intelli’Swap design – which automatically adjusts ink pressure – makes changing the M6’ all-in-one ink circuit very simple and quick – taking less than six minutes to do, without spillage, waste or an external technician.
A jet speed sensor detects environmental temperature and the speed of specially charged drops between each point, with a control loop adapting the speed to ensure perfect drop placement, quality and code consistency.
According to Markem-Imaje, uptime is high as the 9330 can print more than 8000 hours before needing preventive maintenance. Its day-to-day operating costs are also kept low as the coder uses the latest generation hydraulic system, “cutting additive consumption by up to 50 per cent compared to competitor models”.
Furthermore, the 9330 features a smart consumable system that requires no set-up and
prevents costly operator mistakes, which can result from cartridge- related errors.
The 9330 also easily links to the market-leading CoLOS information management system, which allows several coding
devices to be managed through a single computer – maximising efficiency and accuracy across
multiple lines.
The 9330 is now available in
Australia from Markem-Imaje, or from its local partners Foodmach and Nexus.
NEW MULTIVAC VP OF SUBSIDIARY OPERATIONS Global packaging solutions provider Multivac has appointed Philipp Losinger as new vice-president of subsidiary operations for Africa, the Arab Emirates and Oceania.
Since January 2021, Losinger has been working as vice-president of subsidiary operations in the corporate sales and marketing division at Multivac, responsible for the management and strategic development of the group’s subsidiaries in Africa, the Arab Emirates and Oceania.
Losinger has many years of professional management experience in the international sales of machines and equipment, including within the food industry. Most recently, he was responsible for managing the worldwide key accounts at Rational Int. AG.
Multivac is a global provider of packaging solutions for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products, as well as industrial items. The company’s portfolio includes packaging technologies, automation solutions, labellers, and quality control systems. The product range is rounded off with solutions upstream of the packaging process in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology.
David Currie, executive chairman of Currie Group (pictured left), will be stepping down from his executive role within the business after 51 years. He will remain as chairman. Rob Mesaros becomes CEO effective immediately.
Mesaros (pictured right) is stepping up from the strategic advisor role he has held for the past six months. Currie Group’s senior management team now includes Bernie Robinson, managing director; Mark Daws, director – Labels & Packaging ANZ; and Andrew Fitzpatrick, finance director. Former sales and marketing director, Phillip Rennell, has announced his departure from the business.
Currie began working with the business in 1969, 20 years after his father started it, and has been a primary figure in the local industry ever since. Currie
Group is now the biggest graphics art equipment and consumables supplier in the region.
He said, “The company is well positioned with new partnerships, fresh talent coming on board, and new products from existing suppliers. I look forward to remaining as active chairman, whilst also spending more time concentrating on family commitments and other interests.
“Having seen enormous changes in technology and people, there is still confidence that there is a great future. I am proud that my son Will represents part of my legacy as the third generation in the business,” Currie said.
Mesaros started with Currie Group in August 2020. He will lead the end-to-end operation, with a focus on business strategy and growth.

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