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A powdered alternative
The growing better-for-you market and increasing popularity of veganism means alternative fats are on the rise.
ACCORDING to research company Euromonitor, over the last five years Australia has been the third fastest growing vegan market in the world.
That reality – and subsequent changing market demands – saw food ingredients company A S Harrison develop a vegan ingredients portfolio.
One component of that has been vegetable and nut-based fat powders.
While not limited to vegan products, the range is a perfect replacement for traditional cream, butter and/or vegetable liquid oils. In addition to providing texture, creaminess and mouthfeel, they are convenient to process, soluble, dispersible, provide extended shelflifeandstability.
Produced using spray-drying encapsulating technology, its fat powders include four cost- effective products that are high in fatty acids.
They are: coconut oil fat powder; palm oil fat powder (RSPO); corn nut fat powder; and groundnut fat powder.
per cent) combined with good free-flowing properties make these fat powders exceptionally well-suited as a fat source in soups, sauces, dairy and bakery products. The encapsulated fat powders range are:
• homogeneous creamy soluble white coloured;
• free from odour and flavour; • no dairy or dairy derivatives; • soluble;
• liquid creamy; and
• 50 per cent fat.
A S Harrison ingredients
are sourced from a global network of exclusive principals to guarantee quality products with consistency, safety
and reliability.
Its product management capabilities also mean products canbetailormade. ✷
Modular freedom
ABOVE: Palm nuts are used for one of A S Harrison’s fat powders.
the overall discharge height of the conveyor. With two standard belt widths of 500 and 700 milimeters and incline angle options of 60 and 75 degrees, the Mi-CON will suit a wide variety of applications and space constraints.
The system can utilise either a PU flat, scooped cleated wave wall, or a plastic modular design depending on the application.
Fully Australian made, the Mi-CON system is constructed of 304 stainless steel and all components and running gear used is FDA approved and suitable for a full wash-down environment. Its options include accumulation, takeaway, bag conditioning/ flattening delivery conveyors and packing tables.
The system is designed for any food and ingredient manufacturingfacility. ✷
Enmin’s latest modular conveyor system was developed to meet industry demand for more flexible and cost effective equipment. Enmin GM Anthony Gallaher writes.
FOOD and ingredient manufacturing is a fast moving industry, which means equipment needs can change rapidly, often at great cost to businesses. We recognised a need for equipment that could be added to, extended and modified over time, as a company’s needs evolved.
Mi-CON (Modular Incline Conveyor System) has the key benefit of being modular, so it eliminates equipment redundancy and can expand
with business growth. The flexible modular design coupled with a range of standard parts and components, ensures suitability for multiple applications.
It is the only conveyor system on the market that can be delivered flat packed, allowing fast and cost-effective delivery and simple installation by the customer’s maintenance team.
It can also be delivered to the customer partially complete or fully complete for quicker installation and commissioning.
The modular intermediate section
can be used to extend the available in-feed and
out-feed sections and also increase
The Mi-CON System gives businesses greater flexibility to grow and adapt. | January-February 2020 | Food&Drink business | 43

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