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The Australian Superfood Co
Award-winning company Australian Superfoods Co is more than a maker of healthy snacks and ingredients – it is changing lives.
THREE years ago dietitian Hayley Blieden launched The Australian Superfood Co. (TASC), using indigenous superfoods to create a range of snackfoods, cereals, dehydrated fruits and raw powders.
Her idea for the company began while working with professional athletes who were trying to gain an edge from their nutrition using imported superfoods.
Research into bush tucker showed her Australian superfoods have exceptional nutritional qualities. Blieden cites Kakadu Plum, for instance, as having 100 times the vitamin C content of an orange.
Blieden travelled through outback Australia, visiting and connecting with indigenous communities to buy ongoing supplies of native superfoods.
“We’ve been developing relationships with indigenous communities and growers over the past five-and-a-half years. Firstly, you need to develop trust within communities; and, secondly, you need to find the supply.”
TASC draws produce from all over Australia, while manufacturing is split over two states with bars manufactured in NSW and granolas made in Victoria.
The range has no artificial
ingredients, and is gluten- and dairy-free.
“Native Australian ingredients are unique
and quite rare on the retail shelves.” Blieden says. “Most Australians have never tasted Australian bushfood and aren’t familiar with the flavours.”
The initial snack products went well and drew interest, but people were more interested in the ingredients.
“We still do bars, but bars, per se is quite a saturated market,” she says.
From there, Blieden added a range of three paleo granolas, five native fruit powders, seven native herb and spice powders, and three dehydrated fruits.
Retail comprises 30 per cent of the business, with five per cent of that online. TASC is now stocked in nearly 500 stores Australia-wide.
Head Office:
Unit 20, 51 Kalman Drv Boronia VIC 3155
Ph: 03 9017 8225 Fax: 03 9729 9604
NSW Ph: 02 8197 2825 WA Ph: 08 6364 0205 QLD Ph: 07 3333 2825
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