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Smarter design
We showcase some of the latest developments that aim to boost business and overcome obstacles for local food and beverage manufacturers.
Australian-made elevating spiral conveyors from vibratory equipment company Enmin have been specifically designed for the food industry.
This product range conveys products and raw materials vertically to higher levels, or conversely, down to near ground level, and fills a gap in the market that has until now only been supplied by offshore imports, Enmin says. It’s also been designed to handle a wide range of tonnages and large array of dry materials, ingredients and products.
The traditional limitations with conveying material up an incline has been overcome through the acceleration of powerful vibratory motors combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path. The result is the positive movement of material within the spiral, taking product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge.
Its small footprint makes it perfect where floor space is a premium, and its ease of cleaning along with virtually maintenance free operation ensures the range is perfect for a large variety of food production environments.
The profile of the spiral ensures no spillage during the transportation process, and the open design allows for easy visual inspection, cleaning and changing of ingredients and product.
THE new Entice range of soft-touch films from Jet Technologies is designed to give consumer product labels additional value and a premium look.
To meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market for branding, Jet Technologies Soft Touch films are now available pre-laminated as label material, with the Entice range conveying the
sensations of luxury and exclusivity.
“Australian consumers want products that demand our attention,” Jet Technologies director Jack Malki said. “And consumers are becoming more and more influenced to purchase products that evoke an emotional response in them through sensory touch.”
Applications for the Entice range include boutique
beverage labels, gin labels, whiskey labels and wine labels.
Soft Touch Overlaminate adds soft touch to any substrate, while the Entice Pressure Sensitive range is available in matte black, gold, and silver label stock.
“Our Entice range will also tick all the boxes for brands looking to benefit from the extrinsic aspect of their products,” Malki said.
integrating travel, hydraulic and electric power steering functions into one system.
While suitable for indoor applications, they also come with an IPX4 rating, which means the forklifts are safe to operate in rain.
The Nichiyu also has electric power steering, visibility, ergonomic controls, comfortable seat and leg room, and many safety enhancements, including integrated speed control on slopes and an in dash digital load indicator.
NICHIYU 3-wheel electric forklift trucks boast ultra- compact design and manoeuvrability, making this FBT series especially suited to confined working areas such as narrow aisles and in containers.
All FBT series forklift trucks are installed with an AC Power control system which boosts power and provides more advanced capabilities by
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MODU System, established in Singapore, specialises in automation systems and modular and flexible conveyors that use straight beams, support structures and bend sections made of various re-assembled components to make them more easily and quickly installed, reconfigured, realigned, extended or shortened using standard hand-held tools.
Its conveyor range includes its Modular Plastic Chain & Plastic Belt Conveyor, and its Spiral Conveyor.
The company
also supplies
automation and
systems in
with a robotic
partner. MODUs Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a modular mobile robot that can automatically navigate and transport materials from one location to another.
The company’s Twin Track Assembly Line solutions are designed to convey pallets from
one process or assembly station to another, and these are also based on the MODU modular system.
MODU also supples Gripper Systems that have been designed to be flexible and lightweight, and its Continuous Elevator comes in multiple configurations.

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