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With a cheeky name and a passion for gin, Kilderkin Distillery Gin in Ballarat has launched four new Australian gins in their Larrikin range. These premium spirits are distilled for drinkers with a preference for drinking spirits neat as well as those who like to add their favourite mixers. The Original Larrikin, RRP $80, is Australian in style with local botanicals while the Scoundrel, RRP $85, is a classic London Dry style. With a higher alcohol level of 57 per cent, the Buccaneer is Navy Strength, RRP $95, and is distilled with extra rations of juniper and lime. The
Barrel-Aged Batch #3, RRP $95, has been ‘aged’ in small American Oak barrels, that once held bourbon
Home-style frozen desserts that can be pulled out of the home oven are on the menu with the new range of convenient Deep Dish cheesecakes, puddings and crumbles from Sara Lee. Each Deep Dish dessert is sized with larger portions than Sara Lee’s original cheesecakes, puddings and pies. Responding to consumer demand for quick and convenient desserts that mirror the generous portions and delicious flavours of traditional homemade and slow-baked desserts, the Deep Dish range is made with the premium ingredients including high quality chocolate and golden shortcrust pastry.
“Closest-to-homemade is a new occasion for Sara Lee. As our consumers continue to desire convenient, family-sized desserts with flavours and aromas that take them back to their childhoods, we intend to expand the category,” McCain Foods desserts product
Australian naturally sugar-free beverage brand Nexba has launched a first-of-its kind probiotic water using a unique strain of probiotic to deliver the best in gut health without added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives. Nexba Probiotix water drink uses a unique strain of a smart and robust probiotic specifically designed to survive the challenging pH conditions of the stomach so it can reach the gut to help it maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria for efficient digestion. Probiotix is formulated with over a billion Bacillus Coagulans probiotics that are said to be able to survive a journey to the gut instead of being destroyed by gastric acid before having a chance to germinate and restore gut bacteria. The Nexba Probiotix range is available in Mango, Citrus and Watermelon & Strawberry flavours at Chemist Warehouse.
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manager Alexandra Kevork says.
The range, from Rich Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake, Saucy
Double Chocolate Pudding to Sticky Butterscotch, Apple Pudding and Rustic Apple Crumble Pie, is available in the freezer aisle of Coles, Woolworths and Metcash stores nationally for an RRP of $7.99,
for 10 serves.
and then Tasmanian whisky.
Kez’s Kitchen has worked closely with Woolworths to create flavours and packaging that appeal to Australia’ expanding gluten-free market. The new Gluten Free Crunchy Snack Bites from Kez’s Kitchen come in resealable pouches for ‘snacking on the go’. The bite-sized crunchy snacks come in two varieties, Dark Chocolate and Almond and White Chocolate and Cranberry. After originally developing the product for Qantas, Kez’s Kitchen has now moved the snacks onto the shelves of the health food aisles at Woolworths.
“The snack category has exploded over the last few years with people looking for delicious bite-sized snacks they can eat anytime of the day,” Kez’s Kitchen managing director Michael Carp says. “For us it was a natural progression to make these amazing sweet moments of bliss.
“Gluten-free snacking is one of the fastest growth areas in an ever competitive marketplace.”

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