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                                                                                                                                              ABOVE: CSIRO has backed Be Fit Food’s meals.
The Be Fit Food range is all snap frozen. Initially, the products were delivered fresh, but Save says it was “logistically a nightmare”.
“We would deliver but people wouldn’t be home. We needed – and wanted – customers to have the security of knowing the food is safe to eat.”
While being snap frozen helps maintain the integrity of the food, it also allows people to control their personalised weight loss program to when they’re ready to start, rather than when the meals arrive.
“It gives people flexibility to do it as a program and to specialise in what they eat. When people follow their seven day program of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, we get extraordinary results. On
average we see customers lose almost 5.6 kilograms in 14 days,” Save says.
Be Fit Food partners with a manufacturer that has a production capacity of 150,000 meals a week and is delivering nationwide.
“We use evidence-based science only – if there’s no evidence, we’re not interested. For us, the key is making sure everything is nutritionally complete. As a team of doctors and dietitians, customers’ health comes first.
“We would never put something in a food that we don’t believe would be enhance their health,” Save says.
Both Save and Sheffield affirm that the data collected in the genetic testing is completely owned by the customer.
Results are not shared without consent, with myDNA only providing advice and not the results to Be Fit Food when meal plans are recommended to a customer.
“We’re always transparent about the privacy around genetics and are committed to not selling or sharing data without the individual’s consent,” says Sheffield. “Our view is that we’re the custodian of their data, so if they want us to destroy it, we will.
“Part of our vision is to say that with all these tests let’s arm people with this information, so they can make better choices and get better outcomes when it comes to their health.”
Save says Be Fit Food is committed to following scientific advancements and will continue its partnerships with myDNA and CSIRO to help impove Australians’ health.
“By keeping abreast with the latest research and its links to nutrition, we can continually improve what we provide to our customers,” says Save. “myDNA looks at the latest DNA research and determines if it can be translated into improving a person’s lifestyle, whether through diet and nutrition, exercise, or other means.”
The team is now working with Deakin University, studying the impact a whole food diet such as Be Fit Food has on gut microbes and, ultimately, mental health.
Save is intent on Be Fit Foods staying at the forefront of scientifically backed solutions for people and their health. ✷
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