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 than two decades ago. And she is fulfilling the same role at We, the many.
We, the many’s range is currently six products with three porridge and three granola flavours, tapping into the functional food and wellness market segments.
Each product has a hero ingredient with its own health benefits. Brook says the idea was to create a functional food range that contained enough of the ingredient to bring nutritional benefit and value as well as tasting good.
“Mum is still in the kitchen, the only difference is this time we have gone to the peak of looking at the health benefits of ingredients. And they taste phenomenal,” Brook says.
He says the products bridge
the space between food and supplementation, while meeting the challenge of getting enough of the functional ingredients into a serving size to deliver the nutritional benefits.
“These are things you can inconspicuously get into your diet that will optimise your wellbeing and make you as healthy as you can possibly be.
“That’s the magic of product development – our products are real, natural foods with ingredients that are incredibly good for you. It’s about
balancing flavours to make delicious food you want to eat it every day,” Brook says.
The Rise Beetroot Granola and Ascend Beetroot Porridge contains beetroot juice powder, which helps to improve exercise performance and
reduce fatigue.
The Live Tumeric Granola
and Alive Turmeric Porridge includes high doses of the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin for its anti- inflammatory properties.
For the gut health range Wake Prebiotic Granola and Awaken Prebiotic Porridge, green banana resistant starch takes centre stage.
The chance to be a part of consumers’ everyday life was a factor in why cereals were chosen as the launch products.
“When people start their day with you it allows a connection to form. We see our customers as shareholders in our mission who are conscious about not only what they are eating but how it was made and what the values are of the company that made it,” Brook says.
Buying We, the many is consumers voting with their wallet, he says, and the company’s goal is for consumers to vote for the environment. ✷
ABOVE: Will Brook grew up in a family committed to nutritious food and the environment. With We, the many he is taking those core values to a new level.
LEFT & FAR LEFT: The range has six products that tap into the functional food category.
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