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As manufacturers and consumers demand transparency in food supply chains, the macadamia industry is showing how it can be done. Australian Macadamias market development manager Jacqui Price writes.
WHEN it comes to food, trust in the source, its integrity and a stable supply are growing in importance for consumers and manufacturers. Consumers are increasingly demanding to know the story behind the products they are buying and expect transparency from producers and manufacturers.
New research from Australian Macadamias revealed that the origin of the nut was important to 82 per cent of consumers.
A resounding 90 per cent of Australian consumers and more than 50 per cent of consumers surveyed across Asia and the
US ranked Australia as one of their most appealing origins of macadamias.
With origin proving to be so important, brands should be searching for the best ingredients possible. Food products are increasingly brought to market with claims about their healthfulness, sustainability, and authenticity. A lack of trust in the process can heavily impact consumer confidence in food brands delivering on what they say they will.
Australia has exported around 70 per cent of its macadamia crop for the last five years, with this figure climbing to 75 per cent in 2020, despite the disruptions from COVID-19.
Australian kernel sales continue to improve in key markets, testament to the high-quality standing of Australian macadamias and strong commercial relationships.
Queensland based Nutworks produces chocolates, confectionery, and roasted nut snacks, which are distributed in retail outlets, supermarkets, duty free stores, and online in more than 10 countries.
The Nutworks team see themselves as pioneers in crafted nut innovation and continually evolve their range with new flavour pairings.
Nutworks use premium macadamia kernels from Queensland and New South Wales, because they consider them to be the creamiest, making them incredibly versatile and well matched for sweet and savoury profiles.
Australia is the native home of the macadamia nut, which originated in the ancient rainforests on the east coast more than 60 million years ago. The industry remains centred here, where the rich volcanic soils and sub-tropical climate form the ideal environment for macadamias to flourish.
Macadamias are now
Australia’s fourth largest horticultural export, and the industry is thriving. The last few years have seen an influx of new growers, and this has injected a new energy and unprecedented appetite for innovation into the industry.
Australian growers are deeply committed to continuous learning and the industry attracts around $5 million investment in research and development every year.
With major growing regions along the east coast, freshly harvested nuts don’t have far to travel to complete their transformation from nut-in- shell to cracked and bulk- packed kernel, ready for dispatch to the supply chain.
Australia pioneered the macadamia processing industry and was the first producer to implement rigorous quality standards and testing protocols. Safety, freshness, and transparency have been the cornerstones of operations, with all Australian processors having stringent quality management systems in place and high accreditation standards.
These systems are what underpin the relationships Australian processors have with
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