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elsewhere, and while Fujifilm doesn't believe they have anywhere near the quality or service support to challenge its product – especially in developed countries like Australia and New Zealand – it does want to ensure that it has a product that meets the needs of the entry-level market, hence the development of the Vybrant UF10.
The Vybrant UF10 can deliver
print speeds up to 16sqm per hour in Production Mode and can be used to print on a variety of rigid and flexible media up to 51mm thick. Fujifilm’s Uvijet UV ink, combined with variable drop sizes from 7 to 21 picolitres, delivers what Fujifilm says are excellent results. Inkjet heads are Ricoh Gen 5. The ink can adhere to a range of media while having solvent resistance.
According to Fujifilm the patented MicroV ink dispersion technology delivers consistent quality, reliability and a wide colour gamut. Fujifilm
is making much of its ink as a differentiator, citing its ink reliability, ink performance and ink application as key factors.
The Vybrant UF10 is available as a five-colour six channel printer, with CMYK and two white channels as standard.
It can print on any rigid or flexible media. It is also suitable for oddly shaped, heavy, smooth, or pre-
cut media, unusual media such as canvas, wood, tile, glass, or objects, and images tiled on multiple boards.
It offers edge-to-edge (full bleed) printing for rigid media or objects of any size up to 1.29m x 2.54m, with the standard bed-size of 1.25m x 2.54m. It will handle flexible and
rigid media up to 5 mm thick. It will enable last-minute
adjustments at the printer, like cropping, mirroring, and has four dedicated vacuum zones to minimise masking, with the high-pressure vacuum system for reliable media hold down during printing.
It also offers the ability to switch between rigid and flexible media without any machine preparation, even overnight, and there is an anti-static bar for active suppression of static electricity when printing on hard plastics, materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and styrene.
The Vybrant UF10 has an instant- on capability due to the LED cure
UV curing system, which will be appreciated by entry level businesses who do not print all day, and results in reduction of power consumption.
A new Uvijet HK UV ink is optimised for LED curing. Fujifilm says ink consumption is low, citing CMYK printing from less than 8ml per sqm.
Fujifilm says it offers superior adhesion and ink functionality over the broadest media range, saying it produces sellable prints at higher print speeds than most low-volume printers can achieve.
For the many print businesses who are looking at adding new quivers
to their bow, flatbed wide format printing offers plenty of upside, although systems are typically priced way above roll-to-roll printers. This new entry-level printer from Fujifilm may well provide the opportunity to get into the market for a lower than expected capex while still offering Fujifilm quality products. 21
    flatbed printing
Fujifilm’s new Vybrant UF10 is aimed at businesses looking to for flatbed capability with Fujifilm quality at entry-level price.
The Fujifilm flatbed LED UV print system, the Vybrant UF10, is designed for printers looking for
a cost-effective entry to flatbed printing, or capacity upgrade.
According to Fujifilm, it is a flatbed printer offering high quality printing on a range of rigid and flexible media, at an appealing price point.
It is supported by its four dedicated vacuum zones, with speed performance that is suitable for print volumes typically up to 7500sqm per year, or 150sqm a day.
Fujifilm is well known for its high- end wide format print systems, and is one of the dominant players in the market through its Acuity range.
However, at the lower price point,
a raft of new entrants are in the market from Japan, Korea, China and
Entry level: Fujifilm Vybrant UF10
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