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             2021 – hope for the best, prepare for the worst
PrintNZ CEO Ruth Cobb says printers need to look forward as the industry continues to evolve.
Happy New Year
– and let’s hope it stays that way. When I read the article I wrote
exactly a year ago for Print21, talking about the industry’s plans for 2020, it seems a lifetime ago and bears little resemblance to the year that was.
It was a year that brought us many firsts, and hopefully some lasts as we enter 2021 with hope, but some trepidation.
In New Zealand (and Australia) we had the privilege of being able to socialise over our summer break (calling socialising a privilege is in itself a testament to the strangeness of 2020) and so many of the people I talked to couldn’t wait to get to the end of the year – looking to the new year to bring better things. But the stroke
of midnight on 31 December did not change the world we currently live in, so we must be prepared for more disruption in 2021 – it’s the shape that will take that keeps us guessing.
With our planning hats on we have set a pathway for 2021, which will be substantially different to the plan set for 2020. One hallmark of 2020 was the speed of change and the accelerated adoption of technology across all facets of our lives. We moved almost overnight to digital medicine, digital meetings, online learning, remote working, and enhanced online shopping. In
Evolving industry: Ruth Cobb, CEO, PrintNZ
“Our industry is well placed to deliver sustainable solutions from sustainable businesses, and we need to harness this capability.”
normal times some of these would have taken five years of committees, consulting and compromise before being put in place. Last year we just did it. Business adapted and will likely continue to do so through 2021.
In 2020 we have had to
react, respond, reconfigure
and reimagine to keep up with the changes and this speed of change will continue in 2021. Those that look to 2021 to get back to “business-as-usual” will be left behind.
PrintNZ is no exception
to this need for adaptability and we are looking forward
to a year of further change
as we encompass the management of the Pride In Print Awards, the Review of Vocational Education, and
take over the administrative function of Packaging New Zealand. And there will be
an overall increased focus on sustainability as New Zealand looks to take steps to respond to our declared “climate change emergency”. Our industry
is well placed to deliver sustainable solutions from sustainable businesses, and we need to harness this capability.
Our role in promoting print and its sustainable solutions will continue to take centre stage as we stay on the crusade to make sure that the people making the decisions about purchasing print understand its long term effectiveness
and sustainability. We need to ensure that everyone understands the value that print adds to a product, and the role it plays in providing information and promoting success.
Awareness of the importance of good workplace mental
health and wellbeing is growing, underlined further by the events of 2020, and we will work alongside industry
to develop tools to bring more focus and provide assistance to the employers and employees in our industry. There is an increasing emphasis on the ‘health’ part of health and safety and an opportunity to drive this from the front.
In line with mental wellbeing, 2020 has highlighted how much we benefit from face-to-face contact and our calendar of events for 2021 is in full swing with member events, seminars, training graduations, Apprentice of the Year, Pride In Print Awards, Women In Print and golf all having a place booked on the calendar. We look forward
to being able to host all these events this year, and with New Zealand’s quarantine procedures holding Covid-19 at bay and vaccines starting to be rolled out, we are optimistic with a touch of caution.
And finally, people and training will play a key role
in 2021 as the stringent restrictions on immigration mean skilled staff need to be home grown. The government has made training affordable and accessible, so we need to make the most of it to ensure that our industry has the future workforce it needs.
Every one of these responsibilities provide opportunities for our organisation and our industry to expand its horizons. The definition of print continues to evolve and so too must your industry organisation. 21
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