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                         From the Editor
                                               Indigenous Profile
42 Delivering print to country
Printed books are on the frontline in the battle to
raise literacy levels in remote and isolated indigenous communities throughout Australia. Advocate Karen Williams talks to Patrick Howard about the importance of printed books to the communities.
46 How to make money
Pat McGrew says there are simple steps print businesses should be taking in workflow that will cut costs, and points out what they are, and the tools that are available to help printers boost their bottom line.
50 Court quashes cartridge claims
Legal eagle Wal Abramowicz looks at the High Court ruling which has extinguished manufacturers’ claim on refurbished printer cartridges. He says though that the ruling does not impact the clauses on third party inks and equipment warranties.
Mental Health
51 Investing in productivity
Steve Gamble from Man Anchor says businesses that care for their staff ill reap the rewards in productivity, when they instigate steps to ensure the mental health of employees is being looked after.
Columns, News, Views, Reviews
Welcome to Print21
Print remains a key pillar of society. Print’s role is changing for
elcome to the new year, one that we all hope will not contain as big a surprise as the last one. The vaccine is almost here, it should enable life to resume with some sense of normality.
  49 PVCA looks forward
Andrew Macaulay looks back at 2020, and forward to the new year with optimism.
52 Hopeforthebest
PrintNZ CEO Ruth Cobb says printers need to be prepared for whatever 2021 delivers, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
54 Industrial manslaughter Charles Watson at TRMC says print business directors need to be
up to speed with their responsibilities and liabilities.
56 People in Print
News from this month’s movers and shakers in print, the most dynamic of industries.
sure, for while the smartphone continues to render parts of it as outdated, there is no doubt that print itself and the business of print is evolving to meet the needs of the modern world.
Print21 magazine, and our news website and video bulletins, will continue with our mission of providing valuable, relevant, informed content to the owners and managers of print businesses of all kinds across Australia and New Zealand.
The digitisation of production is seeing former silos melt away: commercial printers can now produce sign and display, label printers can produce packaging, franchise printshops can print t-shirts and tote bags.
So Print21, as the industry’s unrivalled media hub, will cover all these industry sectors, seeking to provide readers with an edge in information on markets, technology and opportunities.
This first issue of the year is packed with features, all chosen to ensure you are better informed as you navigate the pathway forward.
We look forward to serving you in 2021, we look forward to telling your stories, and reporting on print’s progress, in a modern, dynamic business environment.
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