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ENTIRE supply chains are now being investigated for carbon reduction opportunities. While changes to the physical product packaging offer some major gains, recyclable packaging is only the first step in a transition to Net Zero. Automation can reduce the environmental footprint of operations by streamlining processes and reducing waste.
Here’s a review of the options for waste reduction on a packaging line.
The transition to sustainable packaging requires manufacturers to assess the carbon impact of their packaging, select and use renewable materials, support end-user recycling and contribute to the circular economy.
There’s also the packaging design to consider. Packaging tailored to fit a product perfectly promotes less waste and is a more protective and efficient way to transport goods.
The changeover to greener packaging is well under way as renewable materials evolve. However, the transition process cannot detract from efforts to reduce waste on the factory floor.
Rather, the packaging line needs to be flexible enough to handle the changes as they happen.
Changes to packaging affect the processes and technologies at a factory floor level. Recycled materials have different levels of resistance to denting, folding, scuffing, tearing, stretching, breaking, and puncturing that may need to be accommodated. The material may not be 100 per cent consistent in thickness or finish, requiring greater accuracy and precision handling.
Using truly efficient automation for the packing processes will mean exactly the right amount of packaging for the right product with the right branding, labelling and coding is used – every single time.
Getting this right significantly reduces the amount of waste created and drives down material costs. This is part of the appeal of line efficiency.
 How to decarbonise
your packaging
With manufacturers under pressure to meet Net Zero targets, Foodmach CEO Earle Roberts looks at how Line MES can help fix an urgent problem.
It took Foodmach a decade to design, develop and
refine its Line Manufacturing Execution System to reduce waste throughout the entire packaging line.
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