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 When Kokopod owner and founder Brigid Woolnough went on maternity leave, her love of chocolate spurred the birth of a whole new career as a chocolatier.
A blend of art and science
A student exchange to Germany as a 16-year-old was the start of Brigid Woolnough’s love and appreciation for chocolate. Her host father worked for a global chocolate company and with that, she was hooked, bringing home an entire suitcase laden with chocolate of every type.
In 2013, Woolnough was a primary school teacher taking maternity leave for the arrival of her first child.
Her husband was often travelling for work and with a newborn, Woolnough turned to baking to fill the quiet times.
“I started by making wedding cakes, but in the winter months nobody was getting married, so I started making chocolates and selling them at the markets. I also did a six-week course at a chocolate school in Melbourne, learning the science and skills from some of Australia’s leading chocolatiers.”
They would later move to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, drawn to the economic
development in the area. In 2016, Woolnough was
introduced to the Food and Agribusiness Network, which has been instrumental in Kokopod’s growth.
“Here we are, five years later. We have a commercial building and a team of eight. We have our own online store and wholesale to 300 stockists across Australia, as well as hotels, five-star lodges, gourmet IGAs and grocery stores, and gift stores,” Woolnough says.
“Our point of difference is blending art and science together, pairing the best Swiss chocolate with the best Australian produce ideally from our local region. Kokopod is showcasing what Sunny Coast has to offer,” she says.
Woolnough is also in discussions to start exporting Kokopod to the world, and Woolnough’s blend of fine chocolate, local ingredients, andpassion for her craft, are set to see Kokopod crack to exportmarket ✷
The power of bacteria
Clinical nutritionists Hayley Robinson and Lynsey Koch founded C-Biogenics Nutrition with your gut in mind.
     CO-FOUNDER of C-Biogenics Nutrition, Hayley Robinson had wanted to produce her own supplements and have her own supplement company, and Lynsey Koch was looking for new project, stepping back from 15-years of clinical practice.
“Working with Lynsey I witnessed her knowledge and understanding of biochemistry, and we aligned on our compassion and care for people,” Robinson says.
The company launched with Gut Food, a prebiotic and
postbiotic formula developed to help soothe, repair, and nourish the gut while feeding the microbiome. The adaptogenic and neurologic wholefood formula Calm Food, was developed to help the body build resilience to stress and restore a sense of calm.
“Our top priority is for every one of our formulas to meet the criteria it needs to be effective,” Koch says.
“Prebiotics is the fibre we need. Probiotics is the bacteria we need to be able to digest the fibre. And
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