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   2022: A year of Wre-engagement
elcome to our final edition of Machinery Matters for 2022, brought to you by APPMA in an exclusive partnership with PKN Packaging News and Food &
Drink Business.
Well, what a year it has been. It is fair to say that this time last year we were all cautiously optimistic that the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic were behind us, with the hope that life and business would progressively return to normal during 2022.
This optimism was well placed, with 2022 being a year of re-engagement both domestically and on an international level. We have seen international exhibitions re-emerge, with IFFA, Ipack-Ima, Anuga and Pack Expo all back up and running; while on the domestic front, Brisbane’s Hort Connections Exhibition and Sydney’s Modern Manufacturing Expo reinforced the desire and willingness of the industry to once again re-engage face-to-face.
One of APPMA’s major goals for 2022 was to run a successful AUSPACK 2022, along with Awards of Excellence program, gala event and conference. History now shows that these events could not have gone better, with AUSPACK 2022 officially being the largest post-pandemic Australian business exhibition. Even more pleasing, at the same time, the Business Conference, Awards of Excellence and Gala Dinner attracted record submissions and attendance.
APPEX 2024
Looking forward, the transition of AUSPACK to APPEX in 2024 represents the most significant demonstration of the industry’s desire and willingness to come together as ‘one industry’. APPEX has been developed and scheduled to complement the major international shows, such as Interpack, IFFA and Anuga, while also being able to stand alone as the premium Australasian processing and packaging expo. With the event attracting major industry interest and support, exhibitor space allocations have already exceeded the total of AUSPACK 2022.
We are looking forward to delivering an exciting, game changing ‘all of industry’ exhibition and experience that our industry and our members have been seeking. APPEX will be an expo that truly represents the processing and packaging industry – including machinery, ancillary
equipment, material and packaging, food processing and industry services – all under one roof. One show, run by the industry for the industry.
I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support of the industry during 2022, and wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season.
Mark Dingley, Chairman
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The results of the latest APPMA Board directors election are in, with the successful re-election to the board of Matthews’ Mark Dingley, ABB’s Peter Bradbury and Inox’s Robert Becher.
“I congratulate Mark Dingley, Robert Becher and Peter Bradbury on their re-election and look forward to continuing to work together on the development of APPMA, including the transition of AUSPACK into the ‘All of Industry’ APPEX show,” APPMA CEO Michael Moran said.
Mark Dingley, CEO of Matthews Australasia, and long-standing chairman of APPMA, has focused his career on the product identification and inspection industry.
He was first elected to the APPMA Board in December 2002, and has held a number of Board positions over the years, including chairman, a seat he has occupied since 2011.
Dingley has achieved many things in his time with APPMA, including leading it through the immense challenges of Covid-19, its membership growth and retention, and the transition and launch of its tradeshow APPEX 2024 during AUSPACK 2022.
“I am honoured to have been re-elected to the APPMA Board. It’s a privilege to contribute to the Association, knowing that the outcomes support Australia’s entire manufacturing industry,” he said.
Peter Bradbury, channel manager – robotics at ABB Australia, has over 30 years’ experience in materials handling and packaging, and promoting robotic systems to the food and beverage industries.
Bradbury, who was first elected to the APPMA Board in 2008, said he is looking forward to working with fellow directors in the lead up to the industry’s largest ever event, APPEX 2024.
“I believe automation and digitisation are the keys to increasing productivity in order to compete on a global scale, and no doubt APPEX will provide the resources and networking connections to achieve that,” he said.
Robert Becher, managing director at Inox Australia, brings 30 years of manufacturing experience to the table. A mechanical design engineer by profession, Becher also completed his MBA with a focus on marketing.
“I am honoured by the members’ vote of confidence, and look forward to a bright future for APPMA with the many changes that have already occurred during my last three years on the board. I share the Board’s determination to make APPMA a success for all members. We need organisations like APPMA to help promote and drive awareness of the companies in our industry,” Becher said.
APPMA Board directors to serve another term
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