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Packaging and load containment company Omni Group has been in
the business of packaging for more than 30 years, with managing director Tim Salisbury at the helm. The company has worked with countless Australian household brands to wrap the pallets necessary to move essential goods around Australia, keeping the country fed and clothed. Among them, farming, food produce, manufacturing and fashion are just some of the sectors that Omni Group serves.
“We are continually striving to reduce for our customers – now more than ever, it’s vital to provide solutions to reducing the amount of plastic used in pallet wrapping. And the knock-on effect of that is to also save them costs,” says Salisbury.
“We use cutting edge product development technology for our pallet wrapping machines and pallet stretch wrap in order to achieve this,” he explains.
According to Salisbury, Omni Group also uses data and information to assess each individual customer’s unique circumstances to make recommendations on both the pallet wrapping machinery and the stretch wrap used to keep their loads secure. As part of its service, the company conducts a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s current pallet wrapping production and provides advice on how improvements can be made, plastic usage reduced, and costs saved. Once a customer invests in an Omni Group pallet wrapper, they are supported by the company’s Machinery &
Service division, to help keep their savings at an optimum.
“Being in the load containment business as long as we have means we have a vast range of experience and expertise that we can draw on – and that means we are uniquely placed to be able to provide the best solutions,” Salisbury says.
The company has extensively stocked warehouses around the country with everything packaging related, including machinery for void filling and strapping, eco-focused wrapping and packaging, and adhesives, tapes and labels. Omni Group’s custom printed tapes have proved to be very popular with many brands. Printing in-house at its Melbourne headquarters means that Omni Group can provide swift turnaround and highly
competitive wholesale prices. In fact, Omni Group offers custom printing for brands across a wide variety of packaging goods such as cartons, mailing bags and labels, with discounts available for new orders.
“We have a goal to become the easiest and most sustainable packaging company to do business with,” says Salisbury. “And with the current importance of reducing plastics as part of environmental responsibility and the need for businesses to keep on top of their costs and get the most informed advice, our team is here to be the one-stop-shop for the industry.”
A big, goal, granted, but one that it would seem a business with the expertise and industry longevity is well placed to achieve. ■
CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: The Omni Plana pallet wrapping machine reduces plastic usage; eco-focused packaging solutions include Omni’s custom printed tape and honeycomb paper dispenser.
    Reducing plastic one pallet at a time
Omni Group is on a mission to reduce plastic usage, with a focus on optimised pallet wrapping solutions and the supply of a full range of eco-focused packaging materials.
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