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PwC’s annual Media Outlook, with the uncertainty of COVID-19, for the first time gave forecasts in three streams -- positive, gradual and negative. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for 2019-2024 based on a gradual recovery is 2.34%.
Justin Papps, PwC Australia partner and Media Outlook editor: “The thing that they’ve got going for them is they’ve invested so much in the digitisation of their inventory over the last four or five years, I would hope that their bounce back is quicker than most.”
Brian Han, senior equities analyst at Morningstar: The fundamental appeal of outdoor hasn’t changed much, especially compared to structurally- challenged traditional media.
“But recovery of outdoor revenue back to pre-COVID levels could be volatile, at least until the bad memories of consumers being locked up at home fades,” he says.
“It also means the outdoor
inventory digitisation cycle may have been slowed by a couple of years.”
However, the outlook for 2021, assuming a COVID vaccine, the relaxing of border restrictions and social distancing protocols, is for
a solid recovery, especially with advertiser demand spillover from faster-recovering media such as TV.
IBISWorld senior Industry analyst Alen Allday: The second half of the 2020-21 financial year should see a stronger recovery with consumer confidence
and demand growing. Despite this, revenue for the full year
is projected to remain close to
the full 2019-20 figure, before increasing again over subsequent years as the recovery strengthens.
Venture Insights: The OOH market grew at 9% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the eight years to the 2019 financial year as digital revenues took off. Venture Insights expects the OOH market to grow at a 6.9% CAGR through to the 2024 financial year.
Michael Scruby, CEO of Realworld Advertising: “The
big play for OOH in 2021 will be contextual targeting. This means using location data and technology to automate OOH planning and target audiences at scale. “
Mediacom’s Nick Thomas and Ben Whall: “OOH is back, with more data, more flexibility, more engagement and is ‘sexy’ again for clients. POOH will no longer be a test and learn, but will form part of clients always on strategies, DCO will take an entirely new meaning in this environment.”
Shalyce McLean, head of product investment, Ikon: There’s a strong argument that suggests the pandemic disruption should fundamentally change
the way OOH operates, McLean says. “Audience guarantees: OOH partnerships with data suppliers (mobile, facial recognition and wayfinding) means they now have the most robust and real time measurement capabilities of any traditional channel. oOh! and QMS
did an exceptional job during the year at utilising this data to keep the market updated on audience movements.”
Ben Walker at Shopper Media: “We expect to see further growth of our programmatic trading
in 2021 and beyond. We have
seen significant growth in new clients who are traditionally
heavy users of digital channels now selecting DOOH to reach targeted audiences in real time with scale and efficiency. We see Programmatic Retail Digital OOH as an incremental buy for many advertisers resulting in incremental revenue for our business next
year. Programmatic Digital OOH is creating a convergence of both online and offline touchpoints with customers, delivering omni- channel buying opportunities and real time analysis and reporting of campaigns.”
John O’Neill at QMS Media: “On the whole, industry growth will return – and the future of outdoor will remain strong. Our real-time

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