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                     their projects at any stage and talk to the creative team in real time. We know this will be a real game changer.
“We’ve also done a few out-of-the-box things this year that we’d like to see continue into 2021. We’re conscious that not-for-profits have found it incredibly hard with normal fundraising options can- celled. Earlier in the year, we got together to come up with a concept called One Day. This is one day per month that Visual Domain dedi- cates to offering production hours free of charge to a charity in need of video content.
“It’s been a great opportunity to combine the skills of our team mem- bers and come together for a good cause. We know how fortunate we’ve been in 2020. Video has thrived. We also know other businesses have done it tough so we’re keen to continue giving back in 2021.”
Media, marketing and advertising industry analyst Alice Almeida, founder, Almeida Insights, says COVID-19 has “weeded out stagnant brands” and opened up new opportunities.
“One of the only positives — besides increased family time — was the surge in new ideas and businesses that came or are coming from lockdown in 2020,” she says.
“I noticed through the work I do that there was a significant jump in those who wanted to run concept testing on ideas they had, and incredible ideas, too. Out of the five I ran, two are already live and the rest have a launch date in 2021. COVID-19 gave people back some time, which then allowed them to focus on that great idea they had.
“2021 will be an exciting year for new businesses and these busi- nesses will shake up traditional industries that failed to innovate or pivot when needed.”
Top L-R: Coca-Cola’s regional campaign, Taryn Williams,
Nick and Kate Hansen, Marcus Tesoriero, Clare Winterbourn
“There’s something natural in the human brain that wants to resolve problems and tensions. That’s why creativity, particularly commercial creativity, can thrive in these areas.” WhiteGrey CEO Lee Simpson | January/February2021 31

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