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long-term partnerships with clients that allow high levels of trust. For us that meant during the last year we were able to help our clients adapt quickly and keep their brands cur- rent in the lives of their customers at a time of tumultuous change. Whether it be launching a loyalty based e-commerce platform for Wirra Wirra, or producing tactical TVCs for Tourism NT and RAA in the midst of restrictions, or launching a Sapporo brand campaign with adap- tive media that responded to the ever-evolving city lockdowns, our creativity and responsiveness has been fuelled by strong personal rela- tionships with our clients.
How have you seen market spend change over the last year with the pandemic?
Despite market spend initially shift- ing down, we helped clients refocus on the new opportunities their brands could play in the lives of their customers and searched for the most appropriate ways of reaching them.
Wirra Wirra.
For example, we helped Lube Mobile connect with customers to service cars at home and we created a fully integrated campaign for RAA focussing on road trips for the summer holidays. We also worked with several wineries to build winem8, our wine club and subscription management tool to shift sales to a longer term relationship based on reward and choice. As such we found that given the opportunity, most of our clients remained devoted and brave in their commitment to their own customers not to go silent, but to be a reassur- ing presence in their lives through ongoing connectivity and engagement.
What are the big trends you are seeing from advertisers
in the market going into 2021?
Advertisers are gearing up by being ready for whatever 2021 throws at them. They are more resilient, more robust and are thinking more about the holistic experiences customers have with their brands, where that takes place and when the most appropriate time is to engage with them is. Those that kept their foot on the gas in 2020 are positioned well to reap the benefits as the market rebounds. As are those who understand more about regional adaptability and relevance.
Mark Elsdon, managing director, Jarvis Marketing & OMD How would you describe the Adelaide advertising market?
Like most markets there is some great work and some poor work. The four main media agencies Wavemaker, Carat, OMD and Starcom control most of the media spending through direct or bill through models. The market is dominated by a lot of small agencies and a handful of full service agencies that have been around for a while. There is an abundance of opportunity but you have to work hard to remain relevant.
What sets it apart from other cities?
We weren’t settled by convicts and that makes us think we are a little more refined. We are the best at most things because we have to be. I think we are the lifestyle state because it's relatively easy to get around, great to bring up children, food and wine to die for and the average person can still own a house in their lifetime. Although it is hard to make a dollar, so if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. The Adelaide market has its challenges but also offers great opportunities. I wouldn’t live or work anywhere else.
How have you seen market spend change over the last year with the pandemic?
Similar to most markets it was hit hard in the June quarter but there were winners and losers. Anything to do with the home were winners and anything to do with travel and hospitality were losers. We’ve never experienced a shift in consumer spending and sentiment like it in our lifetime. Overnight people became more tribal shifting their spending to support local suppliers where they could and updating their homes. We’ve seen confidence return in most sectors in the last quarter of 2020 and I’m confident about 2021.
What are the big trends you are seeing from advertisers
in the market going into 2021?
We are generally seeing renewed confidence in the retail market. Although more short term planning and caution. Other than hard retail that is a big part of the market with price offers, what we are seeing from the better brands is a significant shift in messaging. The smart advertisers are trying to capitalise on the shift in consumer sentiment around sup- porting local by shifting their messages to one of SA owned and made, history, community etc. with care and quality promises over price. It’s an exciting time to be in the ad business in Adelaide.
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