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                Radar: A real alternative
COMPACT radar sensors deliver reliable level values independent of process and environmental influences. VEGA’s latest range provides a real alternative to existing ultrasonic options.
Radar sensors are not affected by temperature or pressure fluctuations, vapours, gases or vacuums, and deliver accurate readings under all conditions.
Ultrasonic sensors on the other hand, are easily affected by ambient conditions.
Their physical measuring principles mean the transit time of sound changes with temperature, like warming by the sun or varying vapour and gas composition, can all affect measurement accuracy.
Strong wind or rain, even fog, can damp the emitted sound
waves and restrict their measuring range.
For that reason, VEGA has now added a new continuous level measurement instrument series to its VEGAPULS family.
Based on the latest 80-GHz technology, with a newly developed microchip and competitive pricing, it now represents a real alternative to ultrasonic technology.
VEGA’s newly developed radar microchip has been designed specifically for industrial applications and level measurement requirements.
It has high accuracy in a wide temperature range and low energy consumption optimised for level measurement.
Thanks to the small design, very compact sensors are now possible. These are significantly less expensive and can replace
the previous ultrasonic sensors in almost all applications.
It is ideal for more price
competitive applications such as the water/wastewater sector or in automation and control auxiliary process loops.
With Bluetooth, VEGA is making sensor processes more flexible and reducing maintenance costs. Wireless
communication provides better accessibility, particularly in clean rooms, harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas.
The VEGA Tools app can be used on any smartphone or tablet and allows parameterisation, display and diagnostics from a distance of up to 25 metres, saving time and avoiding dangers. ✷
The VEGAPULS radar sensors are staring down ultrasonic options.
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