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                                                                                 On-site kombucha analysis
THE new CDR KombuchaLab on-site chemical analysis allows in-house quality analysis with real-time results.
Andrew Odd, scientific division manager AMSL Scientific, says the system is available in two models, the CDR KombuchaLab and CDR KombuchaLab Jr.
The versatility and compact nature of the system means it can meet the needs of brewers of all sizes, he says.
Quality parameters can be monitored with confidence at every step of the production process, from fermentation through to bottling.
CDR KombuchaLab is a complete system, equipped with everything needed to carry out the analytical tests.
The easy-to-use methods
coupled with ready-to-use reagents enable tests to be carried out by personnel with minimal training anywhere on the production f loor, Odd says.
Real-time results empower brewers to make immediate production decisions to achieve the desired sensory characteristics.
In as little as 10 minutes an entire analytical panel can be performed on samples because the featured Multitasking mode allows different analytical parameters to be run simultaneously. Alternatively, up to 16 different samples can be tested for the same parameter at the same time.
incubation cells (16) ensures
accuracy and reliability; • disposable reagents –
reagents are pre-filled, allowing quick and easy sample preparation; and
• ease of use – simple and user-friendly system that can be used by anyone.
Tests currently available are
alcohol by volume, acetic acid, fermentable sugars, gluconic acid, total lactic acid, YAN and totalpolyphenols. ✷
CDR KombuchaLab can give results in as little as 10 minutes.
Features include: photometric technology – LED emitters, reading cells (4) and 37°C thermostated
The most robust solution for food industry, retail and logistics
The new PE200 HDPE double acting impact traffic door, exclusively available from MTI See-Thru, offers the perfect solution for insulation, functionality and durability.
Benefits of the MTI PE200 Swing Door;
• Made of solid polyethylene – non breakable • Hygienic (EU/FDA approved)
• Maintenance-free
• Made to measure
         • Short production time
• Easy installation
• Long service life
• PVC finger protection
• 10 year guarantee on door leaves • Stainless steel hinges
Trusted by food and retail companies worldwide;
• Kraft Foods, Bahrain
• Nestlé, Germany
• Aldi, Ireland
• Lidl , Germany, England • Edeka, Germany
• Kaufland, Germany • IKEA, Turkey
Contact M.T.I. Qualos today to discuss your industrial door needs.
INDUSTRIAL DOOR SOLUTIONS Free call: 1300 135 539
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