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        monitoring service
is the latest in ta
pest control technology for facilities that store, distribute and prepare consumables.
Reduces pest presence by up to 61%
Satisfies health standards beyond requirements Offers client reassurance and long term benefits Reduces negative media impact
Reduces use of toxic chemicals by up to 80% 24/7/365 monitoring and data analytics
Low environmental impact
At Adams we work alongside you to tailor and manage your pest control effectively.
Our 24/7/365 ems. enables us to closely target pest activity throughout your premises.
We understand the importance of a pest controlled environment in an industry that is reliant on maintaining health standards and customer contentment, which is why we highly recommend ems.
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                          Visually enhanced
DESIGNING and implementing visual aids are an integral
part of any continuous improvement plan for Australian food and beverage manufacturers. A 5S system
– sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain – is a simple and universal approach to organisational cleanliness and safety.
Wells’ range of visual workplace storage systems and tools to assist companies to enhance efficiency, safety and hygiene standards, forms an integral aspect of any company’s 5S programme.
W R & D Wells director Simon Sharrock says: “Lean manufacturing efficiency and safety is achieved not by having a lot of tools, but by having the right tools, which are clearly identified and stored.
“Tools should have an ergonomic, durable design, be colour coded and carry the correct approvals, such as FDA and EU Glass & Fork.”
Sharrock says its division Wells Hygiene distributes the broad range of colour coded hygiene tools from Danish global hygiene leader Vikan AS in Australia and New Zealand.
“Our Wells Hygiene team can provide complementary site
survey and can assist with a thorough workplace hygiene, 5S equipment storage and colour coding solution,” Sharrock says.
The most common shadow boards are for hygiene stations, but they can also be implemented for kitchen utensils, tool boards, machine parts and PPE boards.
“They help prevent cross- contamination, equipment loss, can improve production efficiency and build better hygiene practices,” he says.
While 5S is about organising a workspace that can used efficiently and safely, it is critical tools are located and stored for easy and safe access.
Sharrock says: “You would not locate a 5S Shadow Board cleaning station where the staff member had to cross a forklift path to access the area. Work stations should not be more than five to ten paces from where team members
are working.”
Wells has also developed and can implement signage and storage solutions for engineering parts and mechanical tools. For Sharrock it means everything can be fully customised to the user’s specific needs. ✷
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