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 people’s expectations in terms of how digital advertising works, so from a privacy point of view, things have changed.
“We need to enable people to have that choice and transparency and reassurance around security. So I think these proposals are doing that.” Google’s plan to phase out cookies has caught the attention of the ACCC because of its potential impact on competition, particularly on
adtech firms whose access to user data will be restricted.
In its interim report for its Digital Advertising Services Inquiry, the ACCC found that while Google blocking cookies and limiting access to unique identifiers may be motivated by privacy and data protection goals but may also “impede rivals’ ability to compete effectively in the
supply of ad tech services”.
“Google recently announced that it would phase out support for third-
party cookies on its Chrome browser within two years,” the report says. “This is likely to significantly impact the ad targeting functions of ad tech providers, and may increase barriers to entry and expansion as it could become more difficult for new entrant DSPs and smaller existing
DSPs to collect data for targeted advertising.
“Similarly, data providers, that would otherwise sell data to DSPs for
ad targeting, would also be impacted (to the extent that they use third party cookies to collect data).”
Other players also weighted into the inquiry, including News Corp
Australia, to warn that any moves to improve privacy for users should not risk reinforcing a dominant data collecting position for Google.
Free TV argued the blocking of third-party cookies will “lessen competition” in the supply of ad tech services by foreclosing rival adtech providers’ access to data. The industry body also warned that the move to block third-party cook- ies risks cementing Google’s posi- tion as the “data gatekeeper”.
Concerns aren’t just being raised in Australia. Last November, a group of online advertisers made a complaint to the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) requesting a delay to the launch of Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals, argu- ing it will reduce competition and
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