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The Bachelor, MasterChef Australia, The Masked Singer.
“From an advertiser invest- ment perspective, growth will con- tinue to come from improved tar- geting and measurement capabili- ties attached to BVOD/CTV plat- forms. It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting year in this space.”
Kim Portrate, CEO of industry body ThinkTV Australia, says linear TV audiences swelled during COVID- 19 as Australians turned to TV as a trusted source of information as well as respite from the challenges of lock- down — from homeschooling to working from the dining room table.
“Understandably, audiences have come back a little now that we can head out to see family and friends, but what we’re noticing is the growth in audiences has led to advertisers shifting their perception of TV advertising from a simplistic cost view to a much more sensible assessment of effectiveness and value,” she says. “Research shows TV’s value is incredibly strong in
the short- and long-term with TV the greatest driver of incremental sales, further highlighting its
After a challenging year in 2020,
Portrate says marketers are looking to make up for lost sales or get a fast start this year. Either way, delivery of results off the back of media investment is a key for advertisers. TV can, and does, support this.
Recent ThinkTV Payback Series research examined campaigns for 60 Australian brands across nine media channels and found, across catego- ries, that investing $1 in Total TV returns an average of $4.30 in three months. For longer-term campaigns, the return is $18.30.
And content works. Portrate says all the top 50 shows during 2020 were locally made, a trend continuing now that broadcasters have returned to pre-COVID-19 production levels.
Production is back with shiny floor shows leading the charge, from MasterChef Australia to The Amazing Race Australia, LEGO Masters, Big Brother, The Masked Singer, Beauty and the Geek, The Bachelor, Celebrity Apprentice, Australian Survivor, Married at First Sight, Dancing With the Stars and Big Brother.
And growth is ahead. Portrate points to two key areas.

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