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                                        Harnessing data and dimensions
Adgile recognises that advertiser objectives must come first with any attribution capability. To illus- trate, let’s look at these very dif- ferent TV measurement use cases:
3What creative strategy should I take when building brand bias vs driving retail sales?
4Which station in which period was the strongest driver of new users on site?
From these examples, it’s clear that digital metrics have a valuable role to play, but they will not help brands optimise TV to address key longer-term performance ques- tions that consider consumer atti- tude, behaviour, awareness, intent and sales data – whether online or offline. Attribution must embrace new data and multiple dimensions of analysis to do this.
Adgile’s Long Term Effects Attribution product can ingest any relevant data set agnos- tically, and conduct multi- ple experiments and A/B tests
via machine learning, across extended periods of time, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly. This analysis introduces discrete combinations of planning var- iables, such as advertising cre- ative, context, programming, channel, dayparts, regions and demographics – revealing pre- viously undiscoverable sources of growth and in-channel opti- misation opportunities.
Adgile is realising the value of Total TV Attribution – reflecting how TV really works, and enabling brands to holis- tically measure and manage their short and long term busi- ness performance – all at the touch of a button.
What content and messaging
strategy is most effective at driving long-term consideration?
Which combination of station
and daypart has the strongest connection to short-term revenue?
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