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2019 winners announced
Project Management: Jane Hunter of Boeing Australia
Jane, as head of Boeing’s Phantom Work International business, acted as the capture lead and Lead Negotiator on the recently launched Loyal Wingman RPA– the first unmanned aircraft to be developed by Boeing internationally and the largest in- vestment of its kind outside the US.
Project Management – Special Commen- dation: Lieutenant Commander Errika Meades of RAN in CASG’s Amphibious Combat & Sealift Systems Program Office Errika’s in-depth understanding of De- fence commercial contracts and manage- ment practices quickly established the founding LHD Enterprise whilst avoid- ing any degradation in service to the LHD
Capability Manager. At the same time, she established an improvement initiative that targeted legacy issues associated with poor configuration control and inventory fiscal management.
Engineering: Corina Glavan of the De- partment of Defence
In 2018, Corina personally drove a range of initiatives across Defence delivering deep engineering reform under Defence’s Fuel Transformation Program. This reform of engineering processes has insured that new behaviours were adopted, and this activity has instilled permanent change.
Technical Trade: Warrant Officer Dayle Lovell of RAN
Dayle keeps being first in the RAN to break the barriers for non-commissioned women.
The first female to be awarded the Marine Technician Charge Certificate, first fe- male Deputy Engineer Officer of a RAN minor war vessel, and first female Marine Technician in the RAN to be promoted to Warrant Officer all while doing a Masters, deploying on four international operations and now working in a training role to shape the next generation of RAN personnel.
People and Culture: Tanja Johnston of the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum Tanja sees art therapy as a valuable tool to sup- port the veteran community and has worked tirelessly to see art programs incorporated into the ADF and DVA community programs.
Rising Star: Taylah Griffin of Boeing Defence Australia
In 2018 Taylah became the first Indigenous
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