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 ePac sets up shop in Australia
 Global digital flexible packaging print specialist ePac Flexible Packaging is building a plant in Australia, with the Melbourne site set to be operational by the end of the year. Wayne Robinson reports.
THE first ePac production facil- ity will open 8kms from the Melbourne CBD, at the new Newlands Road food manufac- turing hub, located in the heart of Coburg’s thriving industrial dis- trict. It will be headed by Jason
Brown, formerly group divisional gen- eral manager at Ball & Doggett.
Specialising in small and medium run-length orders, ePac’s Australian customer base will focus on start-ups across the snack, confectionery, coffee, organic foods, pet food, and nutritional supplement space. The company says ePac Australia will provide new cost- effective, time-efficient, tailored and sustainable offerings for supporting small- and medium-sized businesses looking to level-up their brand presence.
Brown, managing director of the new plant, said: “Our key proposition is enabling local brands to take their product to market, through sustain- able, locally manufactured packaging, available on demand.
“There is an increasing number of small and medium-sized brands looking to build their business, for instance vegan or Keto brands, and ePac will enable them to move for- ward with sustainable packaging that meets their needs, and enables them to compete. It will be exciting to be able to be part of their growth.”
Brown says the new ePac plant will see the return of a fair amount of work that is currently sourced from Asia. He
said: “With turnaround of one to two weeks, ePac customers will have no supply chain issues, and will be able to respond to market demand much quicker than they can at present.”
The new ePac plant will produce both flexible pouches and roll-stock. The factory will be based on the same template as ePac’s other sites around the world, with some local variation, and an initial 13-15 staff. Centrestage will be two HP Indigo 25K digital flex- ible presses, the new machine that superseded the 20000, and prints at 31-metres per minute. The presses will be supplied by HP Indigo distributor in this market, Currie Group. Finishing will include solventless lamination, high-end bagmakers, and valve insert- ers, for outgassing when needed.
The packaging options will include recyclable materials, and materials with post consumer recycled content. The flexible material can be placed
ABOVE: The new ePac plant will produce both flexible pouches and roll-stock.
in REDcycle bins post-use. The company will also be offering the ePac eCon- nect, which prints variable data QR codes on packag- ing, for increased customer engagement, enhanced brand experience, track and trace,
and authenticity.
With 20 sites fully opera-
tional, and now Melbourne currently underway, five-year- old ePac serves thousands of customers around the globe, and generates annual revenues
of approximately US$200m. Packaging giant Amcor has just taken a stake in the business.
Built entirely on HP Indigo digi- tal printing technology, ePac serves local brands of all sizes, with a par- ticular focus on SMEs. It provides a 5-15 business day lead time, focuses on small and medium run-length orders, and enables brands to order to demand and avoid costly inventory and obsolescence.
Jack Knott, ePac Flexible Packaging CEO said: “We’re excited to be expand- ing ePac’s growing international footprint into Australia. We are focused on bringing the same great ePac expe- rience to our customers, helping SMEs grow and achieve big brand presence.”
The ePac business was only estab- lished in the US five years ago, to provide locally-based consumer pack- aged goods companies the ability to compete with large brands with great packaging. Since the opening of the company's first manufacturing facility in 2016, ePac says its mission has been clear – to help small brands obtain big brand presence and grow. ■
    With turnaround of one to two weeks, ePac customers will have no supply chain issues and will be able to respond to market demand much quicker...”
— Jason Brown

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