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   What a Year This Has Been!
2020 saw RoomMate’s range of Peel & Stick Wallpapers more than double in size!
This means more colors, designs, themes and styles that fit your every moods. And because these are the easiest wallpapers you’ll ever hang and remove, it also means that you can change them as often as your mood does.
So now, if your walls could speak, you can make sure they say something about YOU!
Not all peel and stick wallpapers are created equal.
Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, RoomMates’ peel and stick wallpapers are made with a proprietary adhesive that has been specifically engineered for wall applications. Our brand promise? Our wallpapers will stick for a long as you need, never leave a sticky residue and never damage your walls or pull your paint off upon removal.

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