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  Vegetarian cuisine
法式奶油牛肝菌菇有機黑米燉飯 蛋奶素
French Creamy Porcini Mushroom Organic Black Rice Risotto
法式奶油牛肝菌菇-義大利麵/燉飯 蛋奶素 French Creamy Porcini Mushroom - Italian Pasta/Risotto
田園野菜佐松露泥披薩 /5種以上時蔬、松露油 蛋奶素 Country-style Vegetable Pizza with Truffle Paste
This dish includes 5 or more types of seasonal vegetables and truffle oil
奶香什錦蔬菜-義大利麵/燉飯 蛋奶素 Creamy Mixed Vegetable - Italian Pasta/Risotto
莊園橄欖油什錦蔬菜義大利麵 /此道菜不做焗烤燉飯 全素 $380 Estate Olive Oil Mixed Vegetable Italian Pasta
拿坡里茄汁菌菇蔬菜-義大利麵/燉飯 全素
Napoli Tomato Sauce with Mushroom and Vegetable - Italian Pasta/Risotto
This dish is not prepared as a baked or braised rice dish
蔬菜松露香菇湯 全素 Vegetable Truffle Mushroom Soup
Creamy Baked Bread
$110 奶油焗烤麵包 蛋奶素 $90
鄉村烤蔬菜 全素
Grilled Country-style Vegetables

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