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                 COVID-19                                          DOCTOR’S DAY                                            MALPRACTICE

                                                             Salute to Physicians!                                           INSURANCE

                                               BY FRANK ASTOR, MD                            other contagions killed hun-
                                                                                             dreds of millions around the
                                               March 30 is Doctors’ Day,                     world. Physicians and med-
                                             an annual observance for                        ical researchers worked tire-
                                             acknowledging and appreci-                      lessly to find ways to eradi-
                                             ating physicians who we rely                    cate these deadly diseases.
                                             on and trust to make us feel                    Many of them did their
                                             better, cure our disease, and                   work in a laboratory with lit-
                                             even save lives. The holiday                    tle notoriety or fanfare.
                                             first started in 1933 in                         Throughout the past year,
                                             Winder, Georgia, and since                      physicians and healthcare
                                             then it has been honored                        providers have battled the
                 Dr. Shawnette Saddler
                                             every year on March 30       Dr. Frank Astor    Corona Dragon, risking
                                             which was the first anniver-                    their lives to make others            Bill Gompers
           The Promise of                    sary of Dr. Crawford Long, an American   better. While we say thank you after our
                                             surgeon, using ether as a general anesthet-  clinic visits or annual check-ups, it is now,
           Vaccines for All                  ic to perform major surgeries without   more than ever that these courageous men   Communication
                                                                                 and women on the frontline are saluted for
                                               Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of a   their heroism and dedication to the com-  Key to Avoiding
                                             doctor in Georgia, believed her husband   munities they serve.
                                             and other physicians deserved more recog-  Although the publication date of this
                                             nition for their hard work and set out to   editorial is March 1, I salute my fellow col-  Malpractice
          The COVID-19 pandemic has been
         the greatest public health and healthcare   make this idea a reality, exactly 91 years   leagues not only on this day, but for the
         challenge of our time. In the face of this   after Dr. Long’s remarkable discovery.   entire month of March and for the past   Claims
         challenge, Broward Health caregivers   Some notable facts about physicians:   year. We will get through this pandemic.
         have remained committed to providing   • In the U.S., there are over 700,000  We are grateful to our physicians for lead-
         quality healthcare to all we serve.    doctors.                         ing us through this difficult time. We         BY VANESSA ORR
          The resiliency of our community and   • Nearly half (47%) of graduating med-  relied upon you and once again … you
         our region has been put on display in   ical students in 2018 were female.   saved lives, cured our symptoms, and   By the time a physician has been in
         the face of COVID-19, and again we    • Some doctors work as many as 60-80  made us feel better.             practice for 40 years, the majority—75
         have shown our strength in unity and   hours per week                     Saludos, Cheers and Bravo! Thank You!   percent of those in low-risk specialties,
         our commitment to one another. As we   • It can take up to 11 years to become a                              and 99 percent of those in high-risk spe-
         move into a new phase of the pandemic,   doctor in the United States.                         Dr. Frank Astor is    cialties—will most likely have been
         with a vaccine that is showing promise   Centuries before coronavirus, plague,   chief medical officer for WITHmyDOC.   involved in at least one malpractice
         in helping us turn the corner against   smallpox, yellow fever, Spanish flu and                              claim. On average, these claims involve
         COVID-19, our strength and unity are                                                                         indemnity payments of approximately
         more important than ever before.               HEALTHCARE REAL ESTATE                                        $300,000 or more, plus any claims
          The virus has ravaged our region, and                                                                       expense, and the fallout can follow
         it has taken an even larger toll on our                                                                      physicians throughout their careers.
         Black and Hispanic communities. As we         Design for Our Caregivers                                        According to Bill Gompers, CFE,
         begin administering the COVID-19 vac-                                                                        healthcare providers’ insurance specialist
         cine and seeing its highly effective                                                                         at Danna-Gracey, the largest independent
         results, we know these communities               BY CHARLES MICHELSON                                        medical malpractice insurance agency in
         have experienced historic issues with                                                                        Florida, the single greatest way that
         access to care and a lack of minority   There has been a tremendous amount written about the                 physicians can avoid malpractice claims
         providers delivering care.          impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon design and                          is through effective communication.
          As a member of the Black community   healthcare facilities. “New normal,” “healthcare design                  “Roughly 80 percent of claims are the
         and a healthcare provider, these issues   strategies,” and “redefining how we work and live” have            result of poor communication and sys-
         hit close to home for me, particularly in   been the catch phrases we have heard over the past year          tem breakdowns,” he explained. “Not
         the fight against this deadly virus. The   and the ongoing discussions in relation to the physical           properly communicating with patients
         COVID-19 vaccines represent a turning   form these phrases take with regard to the buildings in              and staff can cause problems that could
         point in the pandemic and the first sign   which we work and live.                                           have been nipped in the bud.”
         of hope toward widespread recovery    Also, over this past year, we have watched the news and                Manage Expectations
         from the virus and its impacts. While   listened to the conversation about the impact of COVID-  Charles Michelson
         vaccinations are critical to slowly end-  19 upon healthcare workers; the stresses of being over-              According to Gompers, physicians
         ing the pandemic and keeping our com-  worked, anxious, pressured, sense of being overwhelmed, feelings of isolation and   should talk to patients as if they were
         munities safe, the underlying mistrust of   depression.                                                      peers, showing empathy, communicating
         healthcare providers within minority   In response, the design of medical facilities must include architectural designs that   clearly and providing thorough explana-
         communities represents another chal-  reduce stress and anxiety of the doctors, nurses, and all our frontline workers.    tions during every point of contact.
         lenge we must overcome together.      Medical facility design has been patient-centric, demonstrating care and concern   While many malpractice cases are the
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