Page 73 - Rosh Hashana Greetings & Memorials 2020
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Elsa and Avi Helton Ruth Itzkowitz
In Loving Memory of:
Louise Mayer Rosenberg
In Loving Memory of:
Robert Itzkowitz
Rose and and Joe Itzkowitz
Fannie and and Edgar Schweig Schweig Millie Schweig Schweig Golden Selma and and Sidney Koenig Eleanor and and Carl Gross Rosalie Forman
Buddy Schweig Sophie Horn
Leon Itzkowitz
Max Itzkowitz
Bill Cohn
Mary Silberg
In Loving Memory of:
Eva and and Julius Abrams
Marion and and Myer Kaplan Kaplan Gary Kaplan In Loving Memory of:
Selma and Sidney Koenig In Loving Memory of:
Karen Gulley Kuperman
Pauline and Harry Kuperman
In Loving Memory of:
Mark Allen Krain
Sara and and Harry Reich Dorothy and and Louis Krain
Joyce Ritirato
In Loving Memory of:
Sally and and Max Binder
Della and and Sam Levin
Ruthe and Phil Kaplan Steve Koenig Irving Kuperman
Rachel and and Andy David and and and Jennifer Michael and and and Alina Aaron Steven and and Rivka
Doris Krain
Dora and Marc Levin

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